Friday, 26 June 2009


Time flies when you're... having fun? Can you call taking four hours tonight (Thursday) down at the Milltown Hall to record some simple percussion overdubs and a few vocals to only six songs for this music CD album thingy "fun"? Thank gawd I aint paying someone to do this for me... it'd cost the earth! It's catch-22... doing in all on your own means you have to do everything yourself... lugging, setting-up, getting a sound, getting a good performance, logging all the specific recording details, remembering to 'save' it... then packing it all away for a fresh start afresh tomorrow. It's a long convoluted fiddly process, but ultimately rewarding.

Now I'm chillaxing (which has been officially added to the English language and the Oxford Dictionary, by the way!!! Good gawd!) to Gene Clark's 1971 album "White Light". Good chillaxing music.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. all that hard work will pay off. Plus it keeps you busy and happy :) all positives!!! I can't wait to hear the final product :)

  2. Well considering what you are doing...Yep! I'd call it fun. Music is always fun!!!!