Thursday, 11 June 2009

It's All Good

Where has the week gone? Apart from some norty health hiccups along the way (the specific details of which are waaaaaaaaay too much info to share here!!!), it's been the most productive week I feel I've had in years. Just the music CD album recording, that's all. Takes a lot of time and mental energy, but I'm loving it. Actually, recording "Lancelot's Pram" myself (rather than paying someone else $200/hr+ to record it for me in a proper studio...) takes up most of the time... fiddling with all the knobs, buttons and faders and plugs, leads and stuff... takes about 75% of the time apart from actually playing music! But that's part of the joy of it...

I've spent the day building an accompanying website to go with the CD album as well, and establishing Paypal and PayMate online sales options for it all. I'm kinda thinking the end of August as a possible date to have everything ready? Maybe a CD Album launch gig somewhere locally? Just a thought... anyways, fingers' crossed.

I played yet another c.25-minute solo set at The Kings Hotel here in town last night (Wednesday)... good crowd of about 40 people this time. They keep asking me to come back week after week, so it must be going OK? At least it's giving me a good chance to 'work-thru' some of these songs I'm recording in front of an audience...

It's been bloody cold here today as well... it was -6c last night, and was still -2c at midday! No snow, nothing like that... just plumb-tuckered COLD! Thank goodness for warm clothing. I thought the main central heating unit went 'pooft' unexpectedly yesterday, but I think it was just a 'brown-out' with a big spike in power usage across the State with this cold snap! It would have been interesting trying to stay sane when it didn't climb much above zero degrees today without a central heating unit, huh? Whew.

I'm going to try and make it to the boys' School Assembly tomorrow afternoon... I know not everyone there appreciates me going there (most of them are just deluded churchian bigots), and I'm not really welcome there (which is sad and a whole saga in itself... but it's basically because I'm divorced, among other bull$#it), but I go for my kids, you know? Yeah.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Mal, make sure you do go to assembly, good on you, I go and I like to know what my kids have achieved and what the school is up to with events and stuff like that. Who cares what they think..blah! Typical eh!
    You love your boys and that is that!

  2. Hook up on the rock til you drop website Mal?

  3. sounds like you are getting things together for your next cd.

    who cares what people belong there with your children and i am sure that they want you there.

  4. Thanks. I'm getting there... just one step at a time! Trying trying... XD

  5. Goodonya for going to the assembly- the kids will appreciate having their dad take the interest in their school work! Bugga the parents- you don't have to take any notice of them.
    I'm lining up for the CD- can't wait!

  6. I think your CD will come out a month or so before my book...its a daughter records and mixes her own stuff at times so I have an idea whats involved with even one song...people have no real idea. You'll have a buyer here thats for sure.