Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Trust me to play a solo music spot tonight, on the same night as the State-of-Origin footy? I timed it exactly so that I finished performing just as it started - whew! They keep asking me back each week to play, so I must be doing something alright?

I know I haven't been blogging much lately (nothing at all on my private blog either), simply because I've been trying to keep myself busy. I keep thinking of things to do and play for recording this frigging solo album of mine... it's coming along OK. I keep accidentally writing new songs - about two a week on average for the past three months! Not all of them are any good (good enough to finish-off, that is), but there's a few I'll include, I think. Plus there's still a few fresh possibilities of playing with some other people down the track a bit as well, but we'll wait and see. I have no idea how, if or when 'the band' will get back off the ground again, simply because everyone else is just too occupied elsewhere for a while, and that's OK. So if I can do a few solo spots here and there, and even some improv jazz/folk stuff too with different people, who knows?

The health situation is simply 'stable' at the moment, with nothing showing up on those last batch of tests either, which is both positive and frustrating. I'm trying to keep myself both tired and too busy to contemplate what being a manic-depressive is really like living as...

A few basic bits-and-pieces I ordered for my little sailing boat about two months ago FINALLY arrived on Monday... thank goodness it's the 'off' season right now, or I would have been spitting chips about it. I had to ring THEM to find out where my order was - TWICE! Needless to say I won't be using their services in the future!

There's also some great news for 10-yo Jordan's cancer journey as well - really excellent news!!!!

And sometimes you see a news photo online and you think, "What the...?!? How the hell...!?!"

Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Being too busy to blog is actually a good thing (really!).

    and that roof? holy shikey - shoddy workmanship, I'd say. Cutting corners is NOT a good thing.

  2. I wish I was too busy to blog because I'm too busy. It's actually because I am too busy running my Mafia on Facebook. Someone has to stay on top of those knuckleheads!!!
    Take care of yourself!!!

  3. hoping for the best for your health Mal. Staying busy is the best thing for you. Glad you still are doing gigs, you are very talented. I still listen to your CD and enjoy it.

  4. Now that is a sure way to get a scratch from your woner when playing guitar!

  5. Guitar kitteh loves the guitar!

    Hugs for you :)

  6. I must go over to your spots on the right and have a ggd listen... I have only been blogging about once or twice a week of late, just because with the rain there has been so much to do out here. I loved the cat video, so you mind if I put it on mine so that others can see it...give you a plug as well..Sling on my links plays a guitar and this would appeal to him.

  7. Oh and wonderful news about little Jordan...if ever I have the blues... I must pull myself up and think of what i have not what I haven't got...