Tuesday, 12 May 2009


My best friend Mr Hoon and I spent a day out on the water yesterday, our last sail of the season. He had a day off from his teaching, and while our current Autumnal weather was gloriously sunny and calm, we thought we'd take the chance to get out onto the water while we still could before it becomes too impossibly cold.

I know that a handful of mad people do "frostbiting" in the USA... that is, sailing when there is ice in the water and/or while it's snowing... we love sailing, but we're not THAT hard-core!

Part of the fun is just pottering about, spending an hour rigging his 18-foot trailer sailor. Mind you, there was no wind, but we were more-than-happy drifting around on a virtually-deserted lake. Over a bit of lunch and cuppas... this isn't sailing! heh heh

And talking talking talking for four hours... just two good mates who, although we don't catch-up as often as we'd like to, have a real empathy with each other as friends. It's truly delightful, refreshing, invigorating, a chance for the soul to breathe. He's one of the few people I know who I can actually talk with face-to-face who isn't hiding some sort-of agenda.

My brain is still a total mix of conflicting emotions with all the maddening shit that goes on in my life, but it's always positive to spend some quality time with Mr Hoon.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. glad you got out there and had some fun!

  2. I knew a family of hoons once..... ;)

    Glad you had a nice time on the water with your friend.

  3. Is hoon his real name...bet he copped heaps as a kid... sailing sounds lovely...

  4. Im glad you mentioned cuppas. I was reading away and thinking to myself, mmmmm hot coffee! What bliss! I can almost feel the water rocking the boat now.