Monday, 6 April 2009

Ying and Yang?

What is the nature of good? What is the nature of evil? Of life? Of death?
God? Satan? Mind? Matter? Angels? Demons?
Freedom and slavery? Pain/misery and happiness/joy?
Light and dark. Male and female. Hot and cold. Black and white. Low and high. Up and down.
Order and chaos.
Justification and guilt.
The should or the ought?
Motion/movement and stillness/quietness.

Ying and yang. Opposites attract? Interactions and interrelations... equal and opposite reactions to the same thing?

Yin yang are opposing
Yin yang are rooted together
Yin yang transform each other
Yin-yang are balanced

Dualism, I'm beginning to realise, makes a whole heap of sense to my little mind...especially after experiencing the pitfalls of 17 years of evangelical christian theology. Three years of Bible College and a few years of hands-on frontline ministry... good people, strange applications to simple truths, I found.

No, I'm no Buddhist or whatever.

Sometimes there are no answers to the deepest secrets and mysteries about life. And after all those years of wrestling with those mysteries - I'm happy with coming to that conclusion.

Hey, I'm just harmlessly jabbering on after midnight, when I should be sound asleep instead! hahahaaa.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Well you roped me in! LOL! I was sitting here debating "to blog or not to blog" much for these reasons. Life seems to be very topsy turvy out here in the real world lately.

    Thanx for the morning smile! :-)

  2. I was the sdame over night. I have been working night shift, last night was my first night off. I worked the 11.5 hour shift instead of the 10.5 due to the time was mega hard!

  3. I've come a long way theologically/philosophically since being a full-time christian evangelist! I'd call myself a "Spiritual Humanist", for want of a better 'pigeon hole' - tho i've never-ever fitted into any of the man-made pigeon-hole spiritual descriptions, ever! Twas one of the reasons why I walked away from church stuff.