Saturday, 4 April 2009

Clocks BACK an hour

Daylight Savings Time finishes here tonight in NSW... 3am becomes 2am. So don't forget to wind your clocks back one hour tonight!

My own body-clock is upside-down again. Just part of the joys of not having a normal daily routine... I'm still doing the equivalent of a 9-5 day, yet just this week those hours have been under cover of the night! D'OH!

Even tho Andrew couldn't make it (at the last moment, unfortunately... family stuff happens, no worries) to band rehearsal on Thursday night, Julian, Eddie and I got a lot of work done. The best moments were when we just kicked-back and simply jammed, making feels, grooves and moods up as we went along. We haven't been doing that so much lately, and I've always thought it's been one of our strengths as a group of players.

Eddies' work has dried-up for him, unfortunately. For possibly the next four weeks, he'll be living back at home in Cowra. I feel so sorry for him. He's still coming back here for band rehearsals during the week, but yeah... he's kinda in limbo work-wise for upto a month! Sheesh, poor bloke!

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Fond memories of George W ;)
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Hey Mal, Cazzie here, I am on night shift at work tonight..who is the lucky one working a 11 hour shift instead of a ten? Muah! lol

  2. We set our clocks forward a few weeks ago.

    Work drying up - kind of scary considering it is happening EVERYWHERE.

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  4. I am singing, "If I could turn back time"

  5. Work is so dicey for many people at the moment. It's good that Eddy manages to get back to rehearse.
    Thank goodness we've only just got summertime so don't have to worry about clock changing again until Oct.

  6. we turned out clocks back weeks ago also.
    Is it starting to get cold down there yet?