Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Sunday saw me helping out with Sailability, taking people with a disability out for a sail on our nearby Ben Chifley Dam.

Twas a great sunny day, despite there being NO WIND! And I mean NONE! Most of the time the push-off from the shore was our only form of movement through the water... and after 20-30 minutes or so, we'd get a tow back into shore with the little power boat! Process repeated! hahahaa.

But - for people who would not otherwise ever get a chance to get out of their daily situations and get out onto the water - they absolutely loved it!

It's always refreshing being out there, no matter what state my mind may be in.

Sitting out there, drifting away in the glorious sunshine reflecting off the surface of the glassy water, music kept floating through my mind... "what does this experience here sound like? How would this translate into a piece of music?" thoughts. Certainly some interesting ideas... how on earth I can ever 'translate' those thoughts, I'm not sure tho... definitely not band-worthy, that's for sure. 'Tis just the joys of being wired with a 24/7 musical soundtrack running thru my subconscious brain...

In the end (altho I don't want to talk about it too much), it was best I didn't take my sons along, as they would have been bored out of their skulls pretty quickly, what with no wind and just sitting there, basically.

We normally sail out at Carcoar Dam, about 50 kms (c. 30 miles) away... but as the water level there is currently below 9% capacity (8.36%, actually!)... sheesh. Stoopid drought.

Postscript: There's other stuff I wanna write about, but I might save that for a later "private" post later-on. It sure sux (and takes a lot of the joy out) not feeling as though I have the freedom I once enjoyed to write and say what I want to about certain things, experiences and situations anymore here. Read this yet again, damn lurking so-and-so's...
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. So glad your out there sailing..great pics...

  2. I'm happy you got to go out again and share something you enjoy with others.


  3. LOL! Why is it that sometimes your thoughts remind me so much of myself? Kids being bored by nature? How rude! ! Bloody kids, Ahhh one day they will see the light! LOL!

    Just the thought of the breeze, the water being music? Yep thats pretty much me! One can only hope that the rest of the world will fall into place one of these days hey? They don't know what they are missing!!!!

    Hugs xxx Wish I could have come along too! Sounds like loads of fun!

  4. OH PS. Mal, it turns out I am not as cool as I thought I was. Went to a festival with the kids this weekend and really "Screamo music IS NOT for me! I mean really, I thought I could deal with it all. Love all sorts but the screaming???? The bands were good but the screaming was really sucky! Sorry, just felt sorry for their vocal chords. Can't see it lasting them long! And it sounds really bad too! Just sayin'! Mal? Am I getting OLD?????

  5. As I get sea sick if it's rough that sounds perfect to me.

  6. It IS fun just being out there. That other people happen to get a buzz out of something I enjoy is just a freebie added bonus for them.

    Screamo music? Oh god no! And yes, we ARE showing our age! rofl rofl. And I don't care! whoo hoo.

  7. Love that you got out on the water and actually felt good! Water is very "free-ing" I find! I'm lucky I can drive to the beach and walk- that's what I'll do with Mick/twodogs sometimes, I think, as he gets into his new exercise program.