Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Refresh Recharge

Andrew (bless his little cotton sox!) gave each of us a CD-full of new original/cover songs for us to explore together as a band.

Interstate Love Song – Stone Temple Pilots (E)
Plush – Stone Temple Pilots (G)
Wild Frontier – Bruce Hornsby (A)
Dancing Days – Led Zeppelin (G)
The Soul Cage – Sting (G)
So Lonely – The Police (C)
Bloody Well Right – Supertramp (Bb)
People Get Ready (C#)
Long Way From Home – Stevie Ray Vaughn (Eb)
Wild Night – John Mellencamp (G)
Fanning the Flames – Jon Cleary (Am)
Redneck Wonderland – Midnight Oil (Em)
No Reaction – Midnight Oil (E)
On Any Other Day – The Police (A)
Who Do You Think I Was? (A)
I Got a Woman – John Mayer (A)
Hella Good – No Doubt (Gm)

The beauty of these are that, for me, I've never played any of them before - and some of them I've never even heard before. That's such a refreshing recharge for me as a player, especially approaching some of the songs as a rhythm guitarist or keyboardist, rather than my normal bassplayer stuff. It's all good.

There's one or two of 'em that I kinda go, "Erm... meh" about. But if we give 'em a good going-over and have a good feel about them, they'll easily be transposed into an interesting version done our own unique way.

We'll start going thru some of them at our Thursday night rehearsal... I just hope we're all on the same track with doing this sort-of stuff. I hope so.

Oh... I don't think I've mentioned Jordan's Journey for a day or two, either!!! My bad! hahahaa.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. These songs seem like a good fresh start for you with the band- I'm sure many of your listeners will like some of the one's you find a bit meh! Sometimes it's good to do a totally strange version of something to keep people on their toes- like all those versions of Stairway to Heaven they made the CD from- especially the Rolf Harris one- remember 'The Money or the Gun'?? And what about that crazy 'Walkin' in the Rain' by Grace Jones. Off-the-wall things often go down really well with meh! material!!

  2. So true, so true! In one band I was in 564 years ago, we did a few songs that we thought were pretty 'meh' - but our regular crowd always requested them because they loved the way we did them! Go figure! lol

  3. quiet a mixture of music


  4. i meant quite-obviously not truly awake yet.


  5. That is a really great mix of songs!

    I have to say I hate STP - just because I had a college roommate who played their album over and over again until I was so sick of it I wanted to throw the CD across the yard. So sorry to all those fans, but the Rooster must be killed.

  6. What ever happened to Bruce Hornsby anyway?

    I had tix to his Sydney concert back in 1988 or something and they just didn't show. But I'm not bitter.

  7. ing Days by Led Zepplin...my does that bring back some memories...Don really loved them and uriah heep and played it at full volume - but then our ears were young - Good stuff

  8. That's a really good mixture of music..can't wait to hear some of you new stuff.