Tuesday, 24 March 2009


I just received an extra $50-worth of mobile phone pre-paid credits on my 'cell' phone for free - just by simply recharging yesterday. Bargain! Not bad... considering my mobile is simply a glorified answering machine for me! No bells and whistles with mine... it simply a phone, you know?

I don't use Twitter at all... don't even have an account (despite it being the 'flavour of the week' the world media have seemed to tag it recently) - I think it's a total waste of time, as is Facebook. Facebork is wholly unsatisfying in being a simple way (simple? It's become a nightmare to navigate around now they've supposedly 'fixed' it!) to keep in touch with old friends... it's just another excuse for people to flood your homepage with useless, unwanted requests for stoopid games and whatever... in otherwords, Facebook Spam! I check it every few days just to keep in touch with a few good people, but it seems, like Twitter, people just forever seem to post useless CRAP on it! GAGH!

I was saddened to read that the son of poets Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes (Nicholas Hughes, 47) has committed suicide 46 years after his mother gassed herself.

Immediately bought to mind the story of my two favourite Aussie authors, whos' three elder children too also passed away before their time by their own hand - after both their parents passed away before their time. Very very sad stuff.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. What is it about creative people that tends to destroy them at time? Do they think too deeply? Do they expect too much from themselves? I have long considered this and never really came to a conclusion.

    Thank you SO much for that link to Johnstone and Clift. I was always interesting in them since we read "My Brother Jack" in high school. Haven't finished reading it yet, but just had to comment. Didn't Charmian Clift grow up in Kiama, NSW? A place where we lived for a year or so, and I think her home was across the road from the old motel that was right on the railway line near the old entrance to town.

  2. Sorry about the typos, I haven't slept in two nights. Help me!!! lol

  3. OK I am not stalking you (yet) but didn't realise that you compiled that info about the Johnstone/Clift family. Wow and well done mate.

  4. Hiya. yes yes, I've been and visited Charmian Clifts' old stomping ground around Kiama, and even took a few photos the last time I was down there. The photos are here: http://n.domaindlx.com/maljam/kiama/ I *really* need to host those photos on a more reliable server!!! Grrr!

    The original house is at 3 Hothersal St, and the house she grew-up in as a teenager is no. 22 in the same street!

  5. I hate twitter. Its evil. I long for a phone that doesn't have a million gizmos included...mine is an mp3 player and camera too.

  6. I have not joined any of the other things like myspace, facebook, twitter or anything because i'm not having problems with blogger...my saying is "don't fix what ain't broke". so blogging is the way to go for now...

  7. That phone is made of vanilla!!!

  8. That phone is same model as Embee's. I'm rather glad I didn't join face book. I do belong to twitter but I too am getting fed up with all the spam links.

    Very sad about Nicholas Hughes. He must have been a troubled soul.RIP.

  9. "That phone is made of vanilla!!!"
    That from a man who forgot to turn his guitar on at a gig! hahahaaa [giggles happily] :P

  10. Inherited tendencies towards depression can still be defeated- I'm going to keep on fighting mine. The creativity just gives people more opportunity to have more varied miserable thoughts- it's no help, that's for sure. As for the PLath/Hughes family- not only did Slyvia Plath have depression, she also had a personality disorder, which made her suffering seem more dramatic to the uninitiated. her son seems to have been a loner who didn't spill his guts enough and killed himself in middle age. By then he could calculate the effect it would have on everyone else and he obviously thought they could take it. The Clift/Johnson family I haven't investigated- wouldn't be surprised if there was some nasty family stuff in there too. People need to decide that their creativity will carry on until extreme old age, in order to give the world a good dose of what they have to offer!

  11. Avery creative people also suffer deep depressions and real highs...its a blessing and a curse....sometimes seeing the world so intensly is just too hard. i always impressed on my girls that suicide might mean they had to come back sometime and do it all over again till they got it right...an being a very lapsed Mick, I worry I might not see my mum and dad and Don should I do this...its enough to keep thoughts like this from taking hold.