Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Mrs Foxy made what I thought was an interesting comment in regards to the recent suicide of poet Nicholas Hughes.

"What is it about creative people that tends to destroy them at time(s)? Do they think too deeply? Do they expect too much from themselves? I have long considered this and never really came to a conclusion."

I personally know of a lot of 'creative'-type people (artists, writers, musos etc) who all seem to struggle with how to interpret their own feelings of perceived personal inadequacy and how to reflect that (or not) in their artistic expression.

It's a on-going tussle between the "should" and the "ought" in the life and soul of a being with such a bent/talent/gift.
I know I've spent a long time researching the Aussie "Johnston/Clift" family of writers, and how they coped (or failed to?) with their own creative journeys together. That's one of my main reasons for wanting to visit Hydra in Greece, simply because a lot of their undoing took place there - yet it was the seed for a lot of their greatest creative work. Just part of that "Ying-and-Yang" unexplainable thing again...

That's no answer, just a reflection.

My only darling big brother rang this evening... it's soul-refreshing to hear that's he's proud of me, despite my own feelings of overwhelming inadequacy somedays....

Poor Eddie... he's deeply distressed about a last-minute phone-call this evening which sees him working in Sydney for the next four days. Like myself, he despises Sydney... the thought of having to spend four days there, away from home, his family and the band, is deeply upsetting for him. I really feel for the guy.

There's been an interesting negative response from an overwhelming amount of Facebook users after their recent so-called "improvements". Seems like it's not just me - thank goodness for that!

Postscript: Wow! a post I'm actually rather happy with. Whew.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. I think its a matter of the creative type and the history repeating gene. Its sad really.

    Sure life sucks but i'm in no hurry to find out what is or isn't on the other side.

  2. Mal, I know this so well. What Mrs Foxy says is so right. My best friend who passed away, her name was Frances. She was one of the most smartest people I know. SO intelligent! She died of brain cancer. She stated to me many times that it was just happening because she was such a thinker, almost a punishment for it. She never smoked, never drank. I don't know, I just think it is indescriminate when something like this happens.
    In other cases, when a "creative type" is struggling, I have noticed it is because they are so in tune with many things that other people do not grasp, and to try to interpret what IT is.. it's just such a hard task.
    Best to let things BE, and let what you feel come out in your work. So long as you the artist GETS it, and even just one follower gets it then that is just marvellous!

  3. Good post Mal. Somebody famous said something like " an artist and a poet are only appreciated in the meadow not on the assembly line." Know that you are appreciated.

  4. Mal what a tragic family, but I did find it interesting reading. You never know you might make it to Hydra one day.

  5. This post resonates with me, deeply. I see this inner struggle with my very creative but troubled girls. An often theme, of what they do and what they think they should be doing. It is never a high enough standard for them. It comes from deep within them, as I have never pushed them. I am so happy when they are content just being themselves. Winnie the Pooh says, "I'm happy being me." So simple, yet so very difficult.
    Thanks for posting this, my friend.

  6. Isn't it funny? It was just a passing comment and observation for me, too, yet it's struck a chord within me as well. Just food for thought :)

  7. I'm with mistress of the dark...Life sucks, but I want to see what happens next.

  8. So glad you heard good stuff from your brother...its wonderful when family gives us approval poor old socks that we are...

  9. I do think creative people are more susceptible the ups and downs of every day living. That's why so many of them turn to alcohol or drugs. If they could just all be more grounded like me...