Friday, 20 February 2009


Tonight (Thursday) was one of our best band rehearsals ever. Andrew has joined us now... he's a bass player from the nearby town of Orange, and has fitted-in like hand into a glove. Eddie and I swap between guitars and keyboards now, and tonight - it just absolutely gelled in the most amazing way... I couldn't be any more happier at the way it sounded. Eddie and Andrew singing together is simply amazing - their voices mesh like... indescribable. Now I've got to pull my finger out and record this stuff. (Easier said than done, tho!)

We're playing a whole lot more 70's soul/funk/groove stuff, and a whole lot less rock'n'roll, which I think is a good thing in the long run. Of course we're still doing some r'n'r, but I think the grooves we pulled out of the hat tonight blows anything we've done in the past simply out of the water. I mean, Stevie Wonders' "Superstition" sounded simply magical the way we've worked it.

So yeah... I've happily switched from bass to rhythm guitar and keyboards (I'll be able to 'float' around a lot more between instruments) - and I can leave the singing upto those guys, thank gawd for that! Just means now I have to practise-up my piano/keyboards for a bit for a change! heh heh. So yeah... I can concentrate a bit more on physical band presentation and lighting and all that stuff too as well now.

It's not just got to do with my lame attitude and feelingtotally down last week... it's just the refreshing change we really needed. Even when we started playing tonight, just the three of us before Andew arrived, it just sounded and felt a zillion percent better.

Mind you... even tho I wore proper shoes with good supports for my aching left foot tonight, it's still aching like dog's ball$... sheesh.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Hooray for the band!! I'm glad the funk is dissipating. I like cheerful Mal!!

  2. Well, ok, I like depressed Mal too, but cheerful Mal makes for better reading!!

  3. Good stuff.

    I'm still wondering about the dog$balls though.........

  4. Yippee!!!!! Wonderful news! Im so happy that things are looking up!

    Now what happened to Boased in our diconary? Hehe!

  5. Thanks!

    I can add that to the diconary now! Thanks!!!

  6. A switch in direction - musically and on a new instrument. Wow! Respect. Go for it.