Thursday, 26 February 2009


This may sound silly (coming from someone who listens and plays music like all the time...!), but I can't remember the last time I simply stopped and specifically listened to a whole album of a bands' music - at once.

For morning tea today, I slipped on my headphones and played one of my all-time favourite albums from go to wo... and absolutely loved it! Like hearing it with a new fresh set of ears.
A true sound picture, like a gallery of sound-scapes. Like revisiting an old friend with a renewed heart. A quasi-religious experience for moi.

My brother had an original vinyl copy (1967, complete with all the rare gatefold and sleeve and artwork - which I now own myself!), which I grew-up with.

Pepper is something that needs to be experienced thru headphones. End. Of. Story!
I've got to admit it's getting better (Better)
A little better all the time (It can't get much worse)
I have to admit it's getting better (Better)
It's getting better since you've been mine
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. You make me smile when you write about music, I love it! Have a great day Mal :)

  2. And it really doesn't matter if
    I'm wrong I'm right
    Where I belong I'm right
    Where I belong.

  3. My brother had an original copy of that album too. Wonder what happened to all of his many records when he died...must ask my sister.

  4. Oh and the last full cd I listened to right through........was YOURS!

  5. I love the Beatles too! Funnily enough someone gave me a pile of old cd's to use as coasters or for craft, I decided to try a few out and some of them still worked. One was an old Beatles cd it was great. (I must admit I never listen to whole albums much anymore either, except maybe my mantra music.

  6. That race eh?!- good stuff for the youngsters- deafening for the rest! I remember going to the Formula 1 GP here once just for the experience- it was loud and exciting, but very hard to actually SEE the cars! Cher was Cher and a long way away, but she glittered a lot, so I knew it was her. And the deep voice. As for Sgt Pepper- of courserous we have vinyl!! As I don't have MP3 players or iPod thingies, I USUALLY listen to albums all the way through- being behind the times has its advantages after all! is my only venture into randomness.