Sunday, 8 February 2009

Bushfire Disaster

As of this morning, 25 people have been confirmed dead, but upto 40 are expected to be killed, as wild uncontrollable devestating bushfires ravish country Victoria, during our extended extreme hot weather.

Update: this arvo the revised update is 36 people killed and 360 houses destroyed!!! Good gawd!!!

Full picture details.

This is a disaster, an absolute disaster.

Let's give full credit and thanks to the firefighters, battling this feroceous beast. I know even locals from around here are down there fighting their fires. This becomes a national disaster situation, where local or interstate pettiness fade to irrelevancy.

Where I live is mainly surrounded by open grassy paddocks, rather than 'bush', so whilst we're aware of anything that may spark a fire in these extended dry hot spells, things (generally) in my area are pretty safe from the madness of bushfire. Having experienced first-hand the sight-sound-heat of the boiling insane thirst of an oncoming bushfire as a kid has never left me.

There is a cooler change coming, sweeping across SE Australia, but obviously it's come too late for too many people, ferk it.

Australia is a huge continent, a land of extremes... in Nth Queensland, they're experiencing FLOODS and extreme rainfall! My brother in Cairns thankfully was missed by a cyclone (hurricane) last week with nothing more than an overflowing pool full of leaves. He was lucky. In other areas further to the south of where he is, people are literally getting washed away. And there's even more heavy rainfall predicted up there...

With regards to the whole Facebook thing... Blogging remains my main and primary online focus. The highest majority of the good faithful 'real' people I've met online have been thru here. So - thank you! Plurk has been fun as well (albeit an unreliable program at times!) - I've met some good people thru there too. I've found real-time 'chatting' sorts the good from the bad pretty quickly... not that I chat as much as I used to. So yeah... Facebook remains, for me, simply an experiment to sort-out the good from the not-so-good. The 'not-so-good' I stumble across there can be easily and harmlessly avoided and removed without too much effort, thankfully.

Oh... thanks to Dana for suggesting I should add the "Followers / Follow This Blog" thingie on the right-hand-side of my bloggie here.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. What really shits me is now they're saying some of the fires were deliberately lit. What is wrong with these people?

  2. Whaaat?!? You're kidding! When they find these asshats, they should tie them to a tree and set fire to it. Asshats.

  3. thoughts and prayers are going out to you all. hope that they are able to control the fires soon.

  4. It sure is just that..a disaster. To think that the CFA from Kinglake were fighting fires elsewhere and did not have any idea the fires had decided to rear its ugly headon their own homes and families...omg, you just cannot under estimate mother nature.

  5. Those fires seem pretty awful. Tell us about the bushfore incident from when you were a kid?

  6. Just so you know, I don't "follow" blogs, I tried it when it first came out and it caused havoc with my feedreader (kept getting duplicates and notifications). But I do get your posts.

  7. Now we know its 108 dead and hopefully won't get too much higher. i can think of nothing worse than being burnt to death or severely injured as many more must be. I feel so grateful just to be having an ordinary day albeit saddened.

  8. They have arrested one of the "asshats" who started the biggest fire around here this week! (We have had four now in the past 2 weeks) One just up the road. 31 years old is a bit old to be playing with fire hey?

  9. Like I said... charge 'em with murder... tie 'em to a tree and set the bush around them on fire. Bugger 'em.

    The toll just keeps rising... now it's 131... I'm simply lost for words.

  10. Yeah, can't stand Facebook, though practically everybody I know is on it and wants me to join it. Staying loyal to my blog, seeing it can remain anonymous.

    As for the fires the Central Coast got off lightly, although the Peats Ridge fire which was threatening the Newcastle Freeway was pretty bad for two days. That one was deliberately lit, and I'm happy to say they caught the 31 yo idiot that started it.

    I have a friend who lives not that far away from Killmore in Vic. The message I got from him on Monday was "hoses ready, car packed with essentials just in case". Thankfully, the fires missed his area, but not by much.