Tuesday, 20 January 2009


This is one BIG mp3 player! On my old PC, I've loaded 18.9GB's of music... that's over 4,700 songs!

I love my music! :D

The band is going outrageously well. Our current working songs are upto 43 - which is easily four sets. Four sets have come together in a week! Gigs are starting to open up all over the place now... it's possible we could be paid upto $1,200 for one nights' work! I'm totally blown away! I never anticipated serious money like that just having fun!!!

Band rehearsal on Sunday went sooooooo well, I can't even begin to describe how good...!!! Eddie was able to come along after all, so we worked thru a good slab of those 44 songs. Eddie and I are going to spend an hour or two every evening this week (we started last night) just working out arrangements and vocal harmonies, that kinda thing. The front loungeroom here is really looking like a muso's place now, with assorted guitars, small amps and leads all over the place - and loving it!!!

For this Sundays' gig, Julian and I will work thru a pool of 40-ish songs together. He's such a dream and a breeze to play with.

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Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Most excellent news, Mal. Here's to it continuing to get better and better :)

  2. Yeah! I love that everything is so positive for you right now.

  3. Thank yu. yes, I'm feeling good, and more-so because I know this isn't just a 'excitable upswing' or anything. This is what it feels like to be 'normal' - and I'm loving it. It's been too many years in the emotional wilderness.

    Mal :)

  4. good for you Mal...glad to hear so much positive your way.

  5. Its so good when you can see results...your music would appeal to people of all ages, and I know some of the songs you have mentioned, they are all classics...you deserve this.