Monday, 15 December 2008

Poor Matt.

I just saw him briefly then... he was picking-up some handbills / advertising flyers for this Saturday nights' band gig.

He looked terrible! I don't think he's slept yet, poor bloke. I'd say the enormity of his decision is really starting to kick-in for him. I'm sure he'll be OK, but I do feel for the bloke.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Been reading about Matt.. poor bloke dosen't get it does he? I'm sorry it had to happen this way Mal but you know better than I do how the dynamic of bands work. It truly is a marriage of minds, and since it has to be polyamorous in nature, it is a hard thing to maintain. I am sure that Matt will understand in time, maybe someday when he "clicks" with another player he will get what you are trying to tell him.

    I am suffering from music apathy recently. I want so badly to record the material that I have been writing, but there always seems to be something else more important to do. When I do have the urge, and the mood is right, there is noise in the house such that recording would be a joke. I need a studio badly and free time. Not a tall order at all is it?

    Maybe when I am rich and infamous you will hear me knock on your door, or swing by one of your gigs and ask to sit and just jam out for a while, have a beer or a shot, and just relax. Wouldn't that be a nice time? Oh well.

    Hang in there man, make that last gig the best one you ever had and I will catch you later gator!

    *previous comment deleted because I was spelling like a n00b.

  2. hope the gig on Saturday will be alright.

  3. Well at least he wasn't picking his nose. But he'll, like, you know, get over it. But its nice that you're not his equal in the prick stakes. (Ouch).

  4. It's sure been an interesting 48 hours in the life of this band, for sure! lolol