Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Matt's Just Being Nasty Now

Matt's fucked-up big-time again.

Now he says he does NOT want to play Saturday night's gig with us, and is demanding money for his share of the PA.

So yeah... he's flipped-flopped changing his mind about this gig four times.

Unfortunately, he's focusing all his negative frustration about his decision to quit the band onto me.

Tis not my problem. Let him rant and rave as much as he wants. I'm not owning his reaction. He's let both Julian and myself down in a major way yet again. That's twice in three days.

His reaction is totally childish, and I refuse to participate in it at all. Julian is as totally gobsmacked as I am.

Julian and I actually caught-up briefly this arvo (before all this broke!), and yeah, we were happy with our decision to keep going together (with a new player) and let Matt leave graciously, and give him a right-royal send-off on Saturday nights' gig, our "last hurrah" together. We were really looking forward to it, and so was Matt... or so we thought.

I actually asked Julian straight out, "Is it me? Are my expectations too high or unachievable?" He said absolutely not, as our agreed expectations are what is to be expected in any basic band dynamic! That was a relief.

So yeah... this absurd over-reaction and childish hissy-fit is just totally unexpected, and undeserved.

Matt may feel upset with us, but he's just redirecting his own anger about his own shortcomings onto me, which is really really sad, and rather quite pathetic.

I love the guy, I really do. He's been a good mate. It's really devastating for me to see him self-destruct this way.

What's worse is that there is nothing I can do to help him.

So... Julian and I will do Saturday's gig together happily as a two-piece band, and use the money earned from it to pay Matt off and say good riddance, basically.

He's really got nasty about it all, which is totally unnecessarily. It's very sad, really.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Oh dear, it's not much fun when you have something or someone blow up in your face. You seem to handling the negativity pretty well. Take care, though, won't you; he sounds volatile which is a dangerous situation.

  2. He's not gonna go bezerk and attack us at the gig, or anything crazy like that. He may come across as aggressive, but he's not that kinda guy - thank gawd! I'm sure he just needs some time to cope with coming to terms with his decision. I honestly love the guy as a friend, and it really upsets me to see him hurting - but he's pushed me away, which I have to respect his decision there. I can't force him. Just give him breathing time.

  3. I hope this all works out the best for you - from the sounds of it, him leaving *your* band is the best thing possible.

    I'm wondering how I get a copy of your CD... hmmm... it must be on your blog somewhere?

  4. Thanx rantz. the easiest way is to go to the band website: http://nightbefore.fateback.com/ and order it thru there. No worries. Thank you!

  5. Wow! Talk about the drama llama~!

    You're better off without him in the band right now Mal. I am sorry he has been like this. "Self destruction" sounds about right to me. You are a good friend to feel bad for *him* after the chaos that he has caused and not be really angry at him. It shows how together you really are. I'm proud of you man, that takes a lot.

    Hand in there!

  6. I hope that everything will go well at your gig...
    sounds like it's the best thing to do is to separate.

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