Thursday, 18 December 2008

Housemate is Good

My new housemate is just going fine fine fine, which is excellent. She's easy to get along with, and there's no dramas with her sharing this place at all.

She's a talker tho... loves a good chat. That's OK, but a bit of a culture shock for me in a funny but nice way, after I've been living on my own for six months! lol. The phones' always for her... either her parents or her Melbourne friends! I think it's quite funny. It's all good.

Note: This is NOT my housemate, OK? lol.

It's all good. She's looking for work at the moment (she's a qualified chef), and had a few knock-backs so far, which is understandably disappointing for her. Just because she's not working at the moment does not mean I'm gonna kick her out or anything like that. Nope. She's actually out and about every day doing the hard foot-slogging hard-yards looking for employment, as she's moved into a new town cold, as such. That wouldn't be fair to ask her to leave (and I have no intention to!), especially when she has some savings behind her anyways and the bills are being paid just fine.

On another tack, I can't believe we sold another two band CD's this week! That was totally unexpected, but a lovely surprise. I'll be posting them tomorrow... gawd alone knows if they'll arrive before Xmas for them... at least they're only within Australia.

Matt's actually feeling a lot calmer today... even tho "the ball is in his court" as to when he decides he wants to communicate with me again (and I've positively reaffirmed as I let him know that "my door is always open" for him as a friend), apparently he's not being as bitchy as he was originally threatening to be. Thank goodness for that.

Xmas... shopping? Or rather, money for shoppig? Well... to cut a long story short, the money I was expecting to earn from playing Saturday nights' gig has been unexpectedly redirected (to Matt). So yeah... I was expecting to have at least $200 to get prezzies for my kids... but the upshot of Matt's defection is that I'm actually out of pocket $300. Yeah... I have no idea what I'm gonna do for my kids for Xmas... or where I'm supposed to find the $200 I had budgeted for when it now no longer exists.

But, that's classic Matt. He just doesn't think of anyone else but himself. I've actually covered Julian for his share, so that'll help him, because he didn't need to be short $400 a week before Xmas either. But yeah... while I'm not stressing about it, I have no idea what I'm gonna do about it right at the moment. I simply don't have the ability to come-up with $200+ just like that at the moment.

But, "She'll be right".

Just means I'll have to be extremely frugal most of next year, just to catch-up this wholly unexpected expense right at the end of this year.

Such is life.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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