Friday, 19 December 2008


Aint it always the way?

Almost as soon as I finished writing my last post last night, my fantastic new housemate told me that due to being unable to find a job as quickly as she'd hoped, she's decided to move out!


She's moving back to Melbourne for a few weeks, and is hoping to come back here in mid-January. If I haven't found a housemate by then, I've told her she's more than welcome to come back and live here, if she wants to. She said she'd like that.

So yeah... right when I really needed the steadying influence of some regular income from my housemate's weekly rent etc - she's moving out! Bugger it!

There's no negatives or anything like that. Her job hunting here just didn't work out for her, unfortunately.

One of the upswings of this (and Matt's financial fleecing of Julian and I at this most unfortunate time, basically), sees most of my plans for next year disappear down the toilet. I was hoping to have the relative minor financial freedom to be able to continue working from home and writing a book specifically for my boys. I was planning a short trip to Greece with my brother - a once in a lifetime thing for the both of us.

Now those just won't be going ahead at this stage. Yeah - seriously, I'm broke.

Matt just does not understand, but I have virtually sent myself broke trying to get this band up-and-running this year. I've used a whole huge slab of my savings to get this thing up-and-running, and his defection on us is really one of the worst things he could have done to us, especially right now. All these gigs we were getting were meant to help supplement my income, but yeah... until we start gigging again (which, in reality, probably won't be long, but due to changes in the economic climate gigs are gonna be much harder to come across), I'm simply not going to have the creative freedom I've had in the past 2 or 3 years.

My total income last year was less that $12,000. I did an audit of what I've personally spent on this band last year (capital expense as well as time), and it came to $7,000... you do the maths.

Thanks, Matt. Thanks. a. lot.

Just when I was starting to feel as though I could trust people again. My best mate (at the moment) goes and stabs me in the back, basically. 18 months of trying to positively build into his life he considers worthless, obviously. Fuck. Fuck.

I don't live a luxurious lifestyle or have expensive tastes, I really don't.

But the upswing is that I'll probably have to sell my beloved little boat, just so I can eat next year.

I'm not being a drama-llama here. Just practically realistic.

Oh fuck. Just when everything seemed to be going so well too. Oh... shit.

Merry Xmas, Mr Mal.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Why do these things always happen around Christmas? Not that it's relevant but it just adds to the whole, for you anyway this year, sucky festive season.
    Are you going to look for another housemate right away? Hope you find another good one.
    (((((((thinking of you)))))))))

  2. Man... I get the urge to just jump in and fix everything when I hear shit like this happening...


  3. Dang. What a complete bummer. I hope things turn around for you soon!

  4. Drama Llama - great phrase, that. Do take care of yourself - the music will follow.

  5. Oh bugger! Hope something works out for you and you get to keep your boat...

  6. Thinks bugger sums it up quite well. I am sure things will work out for the best in the end.
    As Rantz says look after yourself and the music will follow.


  7. Bummo- you're having worse luck with money than I am- I didn't think that was possible! I hope you find someone else to take the room- but this time of year is pretty difficult. Come January there should be some new people about. Is there a uni. nearby? Students? I can't imagine how you manage to entertain the boys when they visit if you have no funds available! Stick with those gigs- at least you know YOU will do them! [[[HUGS]]]

  8. So sorry Mal! That really sucks. It all seems to be coming down on you at once.
    Hang in there with the gigs and the music, you never know what could happen. I love the book idea, what a great thing to do for your sons.
    I'm praying you don't have to sell your boat.
    Keep up the faith and never loose hope.

  9. Oh Mal just when things were beginning to look up for you. Life isn't always fair to the good guys. I do hope something turns up for you (hugs)

  10. Er . . . and partridge in a pear tree

  11. Hang on to the boat if you can...the book can be written in between things... I did my 90,000 word one this year in between...I don't hear you mention a mum or dad you have relatives close? Hope so.

  12. So sorry to read this Mal. Sometimes the ups and downs spend a long time in the downs, don't they? Thinking of you ((Mal))

  13. Keep an open mind Mal. Do all you can to get by without selling the boat. You've worked hard adn had a setback or two. Life is aout the journey so they say and you're a way a long that path. Keep focussed. Enjoy Christmas and in January come out fighting. Work twice as hard to get more gigs and before you know it things will fall into place. The more you get out and about gigging the more people you will meet. Easy way to let a room. Advertise for a commited guitarist this time around. Audition them harder. You'll win in the end - I can feel it.

  14. Man, that sucks in more ways than one. I hope the situation improves, somehow.
    Thanks by the way for all your support this year through the messages posted at my blog. I hope 2009 starts better than 2008 is finishing for you.