Thursday, 4 December 2008

Bronze Thong

The plumber dropped around yesterday morning, and what at first he thought would be a 'big' job took him all of 10 minutes. Thankfully. The tap at our water main had started a slow leak, but it's all under control now. A bit of soggy ground outside my bedroom window - that's all the evidence that anything was wrong in the first place.

Gave me the excuse to finally mow and whipper-snip the back grass as well afterwards. All this rain is making everything just go zoom quickly. I'm not complaining, mind you. Doing my patch of grass literally takes me 10 minutes, tops!

I've had just one response to my Share Accommodation / Housemate Wanted ad so far. Hmmm... not as good as I'd expected. I'll try again next week... spread the info a bit wider than just the local paper. No worries.

Whatever you do, don't tell anybody, but... I pulled-out my sewing machine on Wednesday arvo and did some hemming! Gagh! What makes it sound even worse is the fact that it was the white sheets for the band stage backdrop! hahahaaa. I'm sure 'sewing' would never be on a job description for any band, huh? heh heh.

One sleepless night the other week, what I thought would take me about 2 hours took me far more, but it was worth it. I completed a rather large online survey - but as a result I got 200 free SMSPup cellphone text credits. Score! I'm always sending people text messages when I'm online (especially the boys and the band) - simply because they don't cost me a cent.

Put this date in your diaries: Sunday 11th January 2009... @ Wattle Flat racecourse... it's the Annual "Bronze Thong" Country race meeting!!!

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  1. Bronze Thong....I was really hoping the plumber was wearing one and it would show when he bent over to fix the pipes!!!

  2. Sewing is one of your many talents then. I need some new curtains if you have the time ;)

  3. I wasn't game to look at any plumber that way, Jennifer! rofl. Especially while they're wielding a whopping-large shovel!

    Curtain-sewing? Sure! Just email me the material and I'll get started right away :P

    Mal :)