Thursday, 11 December 2008

Bat what?

All I have to say is


Nah, that's not true. Last night was a great, positive, encouraging night for me, seriously. I walked into old turf where I am definitely not welcome (nor have been for over six years), walked upto people, said hello, shook their hand, looked them in the eye and smiled at them.

And freaked them out.

Fucking 'christians' and their judgment and their resultant guilt. The guilt is their problem, not mine. I feel great, fine, happy, self-confident.

They feel guilty because they know the way they judged and ostracized me and my family was morally wrong of them.

Fuck 'em. Serves 'em right. Stick it to 'em, I say.

Churchians = Batshit.

I had a great time.

The boys had a wow of a time as well. It was the younger twos' school presentation night. My boys have done very very well this year, and I'm very proud of them.

One of the highlights was the announcement of next years' School Captain. The boys' school is only a small one (under 40 students from kinder to 6th class, so it's a nice community). The girl who was chosen was so excitedly surprised - because no-one expected it (but she's perfect for it, but she's not one of those 'high-profile popular kids' who usually become the School Captain, you know?), that she burst into tears, falling on her teachers (and then mums') shoulder. It was a truly precious moment! She couldn't even complete her 'acceptance' speech for her tears. She was stunned and overwhelmed, it was so unexpected for her. There wasn't a dry eye in the house. No girl has deserved it more, I think.

The End-of-Year Play after all the Presentations was the worst I've seen in six years... all the kids did really well and had a ball (of course), but the actual material was so woefully pathetic, I wasn't the only parent/family groaning in pain sitting there watching, trying to smile and be supportive.

So long as the kids had a good time, that's the main thing. And I know my two did.

SJ (left) and Ix (top) with some of their school friend last night.

Edward (my teddy-bear, who these days lives atop my bed) waves hello. He's as old as I am - which is pretty old! lol.

I pulled-out the Xmas tree and all the extra bits... it's all sitting there ready to be put-together... it is! It is!

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  1. As always straight to the point - I have to say these days I care little for what other people think of me. I just live to love and love to live. Your boys did well and it is nice to hear someone deemed to lead and overwhelmed by the fact that the young lady is just being herself. Most people are not bad - just conditioned

  2. Generally the people who are judging the most harshly are the ones with the most skeletons in their own closets. I figure it all comes around in the end. Good for you for holding your head up high!

  3. I'm sending you postitive vibes!

    Make sure you get pictures of the tree up, i would love to see it!

  4. It is great to see someone being chosen to lead that doesn't expect it. To me they make the better leaders as they are humble and not egotistical.

    I also agree with Jennifer, those that judge have the most to hide. Just be happy being you as we love you the way you are. :)

  5. Thanks. Tho some of those finger-pointing and avoided returned smiles started to really dig into me today. Batshits.

    Yes yes... the new School Captains' response will be very memorable for a long time. I'm sure she's still in a daze about it today. Good on her!

  6. Mal, we sent our two girls to the catholic school in town because it was close and small. I was baptised as Mick way back but not any more...The parents at that school and the high school attached were the nastiest lot I have ever come accross. There was no milk of human kindness for us as a young family struggling with don's accident. We never felt welcome although our kids went there all thei school years...bastards...

    both girls said they never want to be in touch with any of those churchy people ever again...wise girls and well adjusted... i am with you Churchians - Batshit

  7. What a lovely story about the girl who is captain.
    And at least you HAD an end of year play. This was a tradition at our school for years and years, I was known around town one year as "Katy's Mother" when she starred in it. The new "oh so cool" principal has done away with it, as well as the book parade and the Easter hat parade.
    Anyone know how to get rid of a principal? Without bloodshed?