Thursday, 27 November 2008


I am like SOOOOOOOOOOO embarrassed... I only just then realised who this CD was a gift from! My bad!

Late last week, I received totally out of the blue a gorgeous gift from an old dear friend. A music CD full of a mix of gorgeous classical music.

But the part that really touched me was a hand-written poem included. Both of us have ongoing struggles with depression, and altho we haven't been in touch much at all just recently, there's still an innate connection between us. So yes yes... it was very touching and special.

"... I hope they are a balm to your soul too..."

The CD arrived totally anonymously, but after a bit of digging around, I finally just figured out who it came from.

Thank you, Caroline!

I'd already ruled out Mr Hoon from Orange, and I originally thought it came from 'Ajax', who's the guitarist from a band I used to play with many years ago. But I was foolishly mistaken!

I'm still in a state of enjoyable shock as a result of this gift... that's why I haven't written about it!

Thank you thank you thank tou!!!

After a period of living on my own since June, I've finally started advertising for a housemate. The classified ad went into the local paper starting today, for three days. Let's hope someone suitable comes along.

I've really been enjoying the solitude, but the main reason for getting someone else in is simply for the finances - to help pay the bills. Of course, it'll be great having someone else around the place as well.

I suddenly realised I was going to have to run about amok cleaning and tidying-up the place, when people come by for a look. But... all I needed to do was wash the dishes and put some guitar cases away, and that was it! Thank goodness!

I'm no cleanliness freak or anything like that... but it's nice to have my home at least neat and tidy most of the time.

Just please don't take a look into the boot (trunk) of my car... that's another whole parallel universe!

Yesterday's Sailability was a gorgeous day. Sure, it's was kinda overcast, but there was a nice steady breeze, and the teenagers from one of the local High Schools who came out for their end-of-year activity had a wow of a time. A really great group of about 12 young people.

Thankfully, the iffy-looking weather forecast held... literally as soon as we'd finished packing everything away at the end of the day, and were closing the shed doors - it started raining! Whew! Perfect timing.

I'm really glad I went. A totally enjoyable (but tiring!)* day for me - and I know the sailors enjoyed themselves too.

*I slept like a log last night!

Good timing with this weather as well! I just checked our weather forecast, and they're expecting 21 mm's (about an inch) of rain tomorrow evening!

Have you seen photos of the World's Most Dangerous Bridges yet? Sheesh!!!

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  1. how nice of a gift...just to be thought about is a wonderful thing!

    Hope you find someone suitable to live with you.

    Glad your back to sailing...make sure you take some nice water pics :)

  2. I would be LOST without TV I shamefully admit. It keeps me company on long lonely days. We have Austar, and Em and I love the crime channel, she adores the discovery channel and anything about animals. Oh and I love cooking shows too. However I also hate reality shows......well most of 'em.

    Sailing sounds fun, it is something I have never done in spite of having always been a waterbaby.

    What a lovely surprise! I have a friend who does things like that. I wish I was more thoughtful, something I need to work on.

    Oh and be vewwy vewwy careful (said in Elmer Fudd voice) choosing your housemate. I have shared houses back in the day and my Kate is a result of one of those houses. (We actually ended up living together for two years but he shot through when I got pregnant). Just sayin' is all.;)