Thursday, 27 November 2008

Digital TV

I've been vaguely toying with the idea of getting one of those digital set-top-box TV receiver thingies for a little while. Just toying with the idea, not so much as really wanting or needing one. You know, reading about them online, what's available, the pros and cons, and various prices.

At the moment, looking at what free-to-air digital TV options and stuff that's on the air at the moment, there's not much point for me to rush out and get one. There's nothing on our normal five networks as it is, let alone the same sort-of recycled rubbish on the digital channels as well.

I honestly don't watch much TV as it is anyways, so there's not much point getting one right now.

Sure, when everything finally does go fully digital TV, I'll consider it then.

But otherwise I'd be just wasting my time and money over something I simply don't need.

I've never even considered for one second the possibility of getting Pay TV / cable / whatever you wanna call it. It would simply be a waste of money for the amount of time I'd watch it.

I usually watch a few DVD's I've acquired over the last few years, instead of trying to wade thru the blatant commercial rubbish that seems to take up a lot of TV lately.

I'm not into cop shows or medical cop shows or reality TV. That's counts out about 85% of viewing, huh? Nor does the sight of stoopid 'trans-Atlantics' (no offense!) throwing themselves at a sponge-wrapped assault course, or self-opinionated pop-psychology panel show hosts excite me in any way! Do our TV programmers think we're ferking idiots? Yes, I honestly think they do. Just dumbing down what's broadcast on TV. Bugger that.

Mind you, I've stumbled across some sensational shows on our ABC and SBS... gotta love those late-night movies and docs. Sometimes you see the most amazing things... I guess the other networks don't cater for me because I'm not in their 12-24-yo demographic!

Oh pooh... I think I'll wait for 3.05 this arvo and go watch Play School! I hope John's on... he'll make us laugh :D Awww... I just checked out their site, and John doesn't do it anymore! Ripped off! It's a conspiracy, man! The Aliens have seized power and are taking control of everything! It's either them or the chickens! Muwahahahaaa!!! lol.

Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. We had to replace a TV last year and we went digital and embee recons we need to replace the other one, (it's a bit hit and miss), while he is still working. We need 2 because I can't bear to watch all the sport or cope with his channel hopping!

  2. I'd be lost without my cable :)

  3. I gave in and went Austar last year after Dion died...I couldn't sleep...
    I love the history channel and some of the series they run like Rome..and i do love "I love Lucy" don't know why I just do...