Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Fun Monday on a Tuesday

Ms Cellina and Karmyn both encouraged me to try this "Fun Monday" thingie... altho I don't normally do these things, this was a goodie... so...

The Misanthrope asked for everyone to show a favorite piece of jewelry or talisman and why it holds great significance...

Around my neck, on a piece of leather thonging, I wear a ring of three-bands and colours of gold. Each band represents one of my sons.

I've worn it since 1992, and I hope to be buried with it. It means that much to me.
It's the only piece of jewelry I own. Everywhere I go, I've always got the physical presence of my sons with me, especially when I'm not with them 24/7. Being a divorced dad is hell.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. That is just so beautiful.

    I'm glad you joined in did you get your name added to the list?

  2. Terrific post and lovely ring, thank you! Chrisb, not to worry - I'll add Team Gherkin to the list! Thanks again!!

  3. I really like that idea. Where's my tissue????

  4. What a beautiful way to keep your sons close to your heart. I can tell your a good Dad.

  5. Thank you all so much for your very kind responses. I had no idea I would generate this kind-of reaction with a simple post like this. I'm touched, thank you.
    Mal :)

  6. If only all fathers were like you, the world would be a much better place. Thanks for playing - it can be rather fun.

  7. Thats lovely and nice to know...
    I wear my maternal grandfather's rose gold wedding ring its got my initials and represents all the good people I came from.

    In the years before don was killed, he bejewelled me with olde gold...earings. necklace and a few bangles...the kids said "mum he was bejewelling you"

    S'nice and he was... lucky me. Your ring is wonderful and make sure your sons know this because it will make them feel so good okay.

  8. I think that is so cool. A lot of women wear necklaces or rings for their kids. I'm glad that you do too. You ate a great dad!!!

  9. Not "ate a good dad". "are a good dad".

    That is what happens when you blog with a squirmy baby on your lap!