Tuesday, 18 November 2008

He's Back

Mister Julian hath returned to the fold safely.

Our lovable drummer rang me this morning, to just touch base and say G'day. His wife and he had a wow of a time away - but they were glad to get home, as they missed their young daughter terribly. What great parents they are, huh?!?

He's already got himself organized for this coming Sundays' band rehearsal, with songs plonked onto his iPod/MP3 player thingie (I don't actually have one of those things myself... I'm way old school... I still use 8-Track cassettes... erm, I mean, CD's! lol), and worked-up some rough drum charts for the songs on the list for this week too.

I luff him, I do! rofl.

I know Matt will be enthused to be able to talk with him again. He's got a lot of stuff to bounce off Julian's wisdom, I know it! I hope he doesn't burn a hole in his ear doing it tho! heh heh. No no, it's all good.

Now I need to concentrate on picking-up and playing lots of bass guitar for the rest of this week now. I've been playing so much guitar (which is fine), so I just need to get back upto speed on the 4 and 5 string version again. Yay!


I literally just received this email from a lovely lady who was sent a copy of our demo CD "The Milltown Tapes"...
Dear Mal,

I just received my CD today, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! It was everything that I expected. Wonderful, great songs, great band in the background and you sound great singing. I think I have listened to the first song "Miss You" like 3 times already, for some reason that song fits you very well and it seems like you put a lot of soul into it. I'm so proud of what you did and what you are doing.
Great Job!!
Thanks again Mal
Love, your fan
(name withheld)
I've forwarded that onto the other guys in the band as well... they'll get a nice kick out of that, for sure.

Thank you so much. We're only having fun doing what we're doing, we swears!

As I'm writing this, just outside my window there is an unprecedented weather event taking place... a thing of such rarity... beauty... awesome wonderment... the sky seems to be falling in large wet drops. I'll have to Google this, as I have no idea what this unusual phenomenon means! [giggles happily].

My previous post about my 'ring'... I didn't expect the responses I received. Thank you. I'm touched! No no, not 'touched'... well maybe I am... I mean I'm... erm... ahhh... [runs away screaming, arms flailing about...] :P
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Glad he's back...now get to work on the sequel. I don't know what they call a second record...lol

  2. I can't wait to be able to place my order for a copy of the first album. Keep it up buddy!

  3. "The Second Record" I guess?! lol. The Milltown tapes are just demos, and not really what we'd classify as an 'album' tho. Twas fun tho. :)

    Mal :)