Friday, 7 November 2008

More Webpage Hassles!

I met-up with the boys' mum (read 'my ex-wife') yesterday arvo, for about 20 minutes. I passed-on our eldest sons' Change-of-Name Certificate, no worries. You know, we can still hang out and make each other laugh. No stress, no dramas. We even had a laugh remembering some of the details of our younger selves described on the Certificate... back in 1993, when JD was born! It was good. Positive. She's alright - she's a good mum, you know? We still connect as friends, which is really nice.

We figured out what to get our two younger boys for their upcoming birthdays, in the next few weeks. Whew... we were both scratching our heads over that one.

I hope she's going OK. I mean with her new husband and their kids and all that. I'm sure she is, but she'd be too proud to tell me if there were anything stressful in her relationship anyways. I care for her as a friend, you know. Well, she is the boys' mum!

Mind you, if someone 'did her wrong', there'd be a line of people who'd kick that person's butt... I think JD and myself would be first in line! hahahaaa. No, she's going alright.

And that's a positive feeling. Thank goodness the boys are in the best possible situation they could possibly find themselves.

It's frustrating... for the second time in like 36-hours, our free band webpage host is playing-up on us again. It's not allowing me to upload any of our pages... it's always the way, just when I've updated and refreshed pages too. It was working fine last night, but not this morning. Go figure! I've sent-off and email to their customer support, but to be honest, as it's a free hosting service, I'm hot holding my breath for a quick response.*

Let's just hope it's another simple server hiccup.* Like I said yesterday, after using this server for the past 3+ years (the Sailing Club pages are with it as well), I've had no problems with it.

Someone suggested we try using Direct Deposit banking, so people can pay for the band's CD. If I could set-up a PayPal account, I would, but at the moment I'm unable to. This is the reason why we were hoping to have a third party do all this sort-of thing on our behalf. It's alright for now, but we'll keep hunting around to see if there's another way to do things.

If you'd like to buy a copy of the CD, get in touch with me (with your delivery details), and we can forward our banking details for you to forward your payment via Direct Deposit.

Update: I'm opening a PayPal account for the band. That'll make things 1,000% easier for people to purchase the CD online. I didn't realise it was so easy... my bad! Hopefully it should be up-and-running in a few days.

Julian is a good egg, I tell ya! On his way to his 2-week vacation (a cruise alone with his wife! Lucky guy!), he dropped-in another 20 CD sticky-labels. Whew! I'm starting to sell copies already, and I'd run-out!

* Woah, I was WRONG! Within 15 minutes, I received this reply:

"... Unfortunately we are experiencing a server problem at the present moment. This is the reason for the problem that you have. Our administrators are aware of this issue. Problem will be resolved as quick as possible.
I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience caused...."

I'm really impressed!!!! Seriously!
Peas be with ewe

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  1. That's great you have a decent relationship with your ex. I know so many people who don't and I know that hurts the kids.

    How much is shipping to America? gulp

  2. Have you asked the boys what they wanted? I'm sure they have plenty on the mind for

    glad that they contacted you about the website...

  3. Shipping the first batch of CD's was not nearly half as much as I anticipated! We'll just charge $5 for anywhere [for people who order them], and that'll cover all those costs perfectly. Yay!

    We've got a list of things the boys are after for their birthdays... we got our heads together on that one alright.

    The band's website is up and running at 100% again as well. Whew. That's a lot of work - 2 months' worth - to not to be able to access!

    Mal :)