Sunday, 26 October 2008

We The People

Altho I'm not an American, I think this comic here is still highly relevant for us, with ours most possibly the world's most over-regulated government in the world.

Tis the first Sailability day of the season today (well, later this morning! It's just gone midnight here atm...). I know once I get there I'll really enjoy it... I just hope there's no political 'crap' from one visitor - he simply comes just to cause trouble. All the safety rules simply don't apply to him, he thinks. He was unfortunately banned last year, but he might think he's immune now this year... gawd, I hope he doesn't come! It just makes a brilliant, happy, friendly day surrounded by brilliant people a right pain-in-the-arse otherwise.

The weather prediction for the rest of today is almost perfect, so bugger it... it'll be a good day regardless. It should make up for yesterday's (ie. Saturday's) disappointment. Hopefully. I can only hope. My faith in people is yet again shaken.

Oh, all you Sports Nuts - in case you didn't know... hahahahaaa!
Peas be with ewe

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