Tuesday, 21 October 2008

A Quick One

I spent a bit of time this morning posting comments responding to all your lovely comments - thank you! You'd think that after 4 1/2 years doing this whole blogging thing, I'd have the hang of commenting by now, wouldn't you! Silly moi!

Group Hug!

Just to remind my casual visitors... there are two new band sound demo clips online now. Have fun. Check out five of our short sample demos at the band webpage as well. I've tweaked the site again too.

Those two gigs have been canceled, unfortunately... we were 'gazumped' (ie. someone else booked another band underneath us) on the first one, and we were too 'loud' for the second one. That's OK... people have the right to say no. Sure it's dissapointing, but life goes on. We actually can and do play more 'quiet' 'MOR' music if we have to, you know! That's what we were doing when Mick was with us. We're just enjoying the freedom to play some dirty r'n'r instead now.

Crazy Bathurst weather... glorious Spring sunshine, everything is green and growing like crazy - yet they are predicting possible sleet over the next few days!

Aint it always the way? I just washed the car the other day... looks gloriously sparkly... and a bird goes and shites right across the bonnet?! hahahaaa.

I thought you would have figured-out who the guy with the mental health problems was by now? Oh well, not to worry.

Now, I'm off to write about my Saturday with my sons.

Cyalayta :)
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Sorry to hear about your gigs...but I am sure that there will be others...

    I had already figured that you were talking about yourself..the doctors finally gave you a diagnosis?

    Life is what you make of it.. It's hard sometimes...but you just gotta keep fighting the battle.
    There is alot of positive right now in your life..focus on that :)
    We Love Ya Mal :)