Wednesday, 20 August 2008


I dropped the car into town for it's regular service, first thing this morning... then I casually walked back home (all of three blocks. Yay for living in a country town!)

The frost and the fog was pretty darn lovely, actually!

Of course, I dressed for it, but it wasn't that cold, really.

I've been trying for three bleedin' days to get onto the Real Estate guy about booking/signing paperwork for us to rehearse at the local performance space hall in town. We know it's available, they've given us the OK and approval, we just need to sign a few bits of paper to show that we're not going to burn the place down.

Do you think I've been able to catch-up with this guy? I've finally managed to nail an appointment with him tomorrow - that is, if he's there! lol

Matt has been "politely pestering" me to download some Guns n' Roses music, to add to my collection, as a resource only, I assure you. So I did yesterday... and I'm definitely not a fan. It doesn't do anything at all for me, particularly. But I appreciate they had a good rhythm section (bass & drums), so that's always a good reference point for me, musically. I can't stand the singer... poohness! One CD's-worth is plenty, wouldn't you agree?

Good! Now that's finished, I can go back to my Mozart, Pink Floyd, Beethoven or Beatles! heh heh.

I had a quick, positive catch-up call with my sons' mum (ie. my 'ex') yesterday as well. We've always been able to talk about the boys. There's no agro or negativity there at all between us... we're still 'friends', as such. Good luck to her, and bless her as well. She's the boy's mum, after all.

Stop Press... this is pretty good! Only four hours after dropping my car off for its major service - it's ready to be picked up! Wow!

more cat pictures
Peas be with ewe

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  1. very nice pics of town mal.

  2. Thanks. It was a glorious morning to go for an early walk, camera in hand.

  3. That looks gorgeous. I hate getting up early but always like it once I'm up!

  4. What a lovely town you live in, is that a church on the corner?

  5. Definitely too many caroline's here. Is that a church????

    Don't answer that.

    Looks like England. You're really in England aren't you Mal?

  6. Of course 'here' doesn't belong to caroline, not any of them, so please ignore the apostrophe.

    Nice photos. Very atmospheric.

  7. I rather like to look of your town Mal.

    I also enjoyed looking at the photos of your lads. I think it's wonderful that you have such a good relationship with your ex. That didn't happen in my case. In fact no contact at all while my girls were growing up. That actually didn't bother me but I think it was a shame for the girls although they have a great relationship with embee as he's been their dad for so long. I'm rambling bye

  8. Thanks everyone.

    Cassie... yes, that's St Stephen's Presbyterian Church there on the corner, right in the middle of town.

    Oh thank you, chrisb. Being a divorced dad is a life of hell, in reality.

    Mal :)

  9. WHAT!? You don't like Guns 'n Roses?

    Ok - I never really did either. I never could figure out the fascination with them. However, I have to say that I really do like "Welcome to the Jungle." Something about that song always made me want to get up and start thrashing around.

  10. Is that Bathurst??? Its been a while? Spent winter in an uninsulated caravan in bBathurst, Blayney and Carcoar back in 1975 when Melissa was a baby. Never been so cold, but it was beautiful.