Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Busy is good

I managed to sleep most of the whole night thru last night, the first time in almost a week. Better than up-all-night, sleep-all-day routine, which was, basically, horrid! Needless to say, this morning I'm feeling a bit refreshed and enthused a bit more than normal.

It's gonna be a busy day, and following few days. But it's all good!
  • Mail off my eldest sons' 'Change of Name' form and docs - as a compromise, it's a hyphenated sirname :)
  • Pay Mick $1,500 for the band PA
  • Finish signing paperwork for the band rehearsal hall
  • Hand in a stoopid govt form
  • Book my car in for its regular service
  • Get ready to catch-up with my brother this week sometime - he's coming down.
  • Refill the printer ink cartridges
  • Pay the gas bill
  • Clean the fishtank
  • Burn and make covers for some Box of Sox ruff live demo albums for Matt's family
  • Advertise for a housemate! I need to do this! lol
  • Pay the rego for my boat trailer
  • Reorganize the clutter on my desk
  • And, if I find the time, fiddle recording some home demos and relearn how to use MIDI!!!
I think that's plenty, huh? Happily busy.

Peas be with ewe

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  1. just a few things to keep you going then. Hope this doesn't mean you will be deserting plurk!

  2. I'll just have to play the Plurking thing to ear! lol

  3. That's "by" ear... typing with your ears isn't as easy as you might think, you know... [rolls eyes and groans]

  4. LOL you need to be a women, you'd get all that done plus more in a couple of days ;-)

    Enjoy your busy week though! :)

  5. Sounds like a lot on your plate. It's great you are so motivated!

  6. I agree with wendishness...lol that all could be done and more in just a couple days...and while working...lmao

    I am so glad that you are keeping busy.

  7. I have to do a few things on that list too!

  8. I am obviously letting the female side down... that seems like a cracking to-do list!

  9. Ferk! I've been trying for like four days to get in touch with the guy at the Real estate place about the band rehearsal space! he's always out or I miss him or he's away... blimey! This time I've made sure he'll call me back! lol

  10. Did you get all those things done really???