Thursday, 24 July 2008

What's on TV? Nottin!

I scan the free-to-air five TV channels' programming every week, to see if there's anything I'd be likely to want to watch...

You know where this is going already, don't you?

I don't watch that much TV at all, really. My box is a nice, practical sized thing with a great image, not some massive plasma screen-size thing sucking up enough energy to power a small African nation. I don't have/want/need the whole Pay-TV thing. Waste of $$$ for me, as far as my viewing habits would be concerned. I'd be interested in a few good movies now and again, and maybe the occasional History Channel doc or something like that.

So, between the five TV channels I have the option of watching, there rarely seems to be anything on of any value to watch lately.

(OK OK... who spotted the "TV Tray" table there? When was one of the last time you saw one of those? I stumbled across it in an Op-Shop about 5 years ago, grabbed it as a laff, and it's actually great!)

I despise all those done-to-death 'TV reality' shows. Plus I'm waaaaaaaay over all those cop/courtroom/hospital done-to-death scenarios as well.

Mind you, I usually inadvertently stumble on some brilliant play or short series or weird-arse movie on late-night SBS or ABC - thank gawd for that! Otherwise my tellie would sit and gather more dust than it already does.

Comedy is my main dish of relish. ABC or SBS can usually surprise me with something from left field that makes me howl with noisy laughter, thankfully.

The 6-o'clock news is about the main viewing on my idiot box lately. Isn't that sad. Mind you, I've been slowly working my way thru my 200-or-so DVD movies lately, as there's been absolutely nothing of any value to watch on the box.

Mind you, I'm fully aware of how the visual media has totally rearranged the way we share and receive news and information and formulate various opinions in our lifetime.

Twas only 50 years ago that a TV was a rarity in the average household. Now it's seen as a practical necessity.

Not always for the better. Definitely not.

What things draw you to watch the little box in the corner at your place?

Oh wow! A post where I don't actually mention something about music! Oh $#it...
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Usually when i have nothing else to do i will watch some tv.
    I love catching America's funniest video's...
    I love to laugh at other peoples pain.

  2. I was twelve when first a rented tv came into our house. We would watch the test pattern just before Rin Tin Tin and Rusty came on ...before we got ours a group of us in our small town would all gather in the lounge room of someone firtunate enough to have a really tall anntennea - we weould sit in rows, smallest at the front. I can recall the owners son telling those in front to "sit down so we can see" TV didn't start till about 3pm and closed at midnight. The news was read with intelligence and not in quick bursts with lots of flash footage - newsreaders did not give their opinion of the news with smirks and smiles - it was just read straight, unless it was breathtakingly tragic and then you would notice a waver in the voice - but we still played outside till the cowns came home and out in the morning because it was fun and not too many "big brother" rules... no one I grew up with died from falling out of a tree, or off a slippery dip, or from playing arorigines with tomato stakes - our version of cowboys and indians - see we were PC wa back then...
    I like really good Sci Fi and comedy like "Nighty Night" (thats a thrill)