Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Olympic Algae

How's THIS for pollution and chaos? This is the Olympic sailing course in China - totally choked with thick bright-green algae! Yes, that's an Australian boat trying to sail through it in training!!! Not Photoshopped!!! Click on the pics to see a larger image - and be staggered!

More photos here and here and here.

Madness! Utter madness!!! The stink would be unimaginable...
"Up to 13,000 square kilometres of the ocean in the region is covered in the algae, putting on hold the training of many national Olympic sailing teams, including the world number-one Australian team..."

""What they are finding is that as they sail along and they hit this stuff, they just grind to a halt and it is actually quite thick and gooey and it is almost like a sponge-type consistency..."

"The photos are unbelievable and the guys they look like they're sailing (on) lawn. That's the best description we can give..."

"Being about to sail in a straight line for more than 30 seconds is a challenge..."
Check out the full story here and here and here. Audio news story here too.
I've seen and been sailing in some pretty bad weed or algae now and again out on some of the local dams, but this surely takes the biscuit!

Needless to say, the Olympic Regatta (starting in just over 37 days!!!) should prove to be interesting with those conditions, to say the least.
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Such a worry, I wouldn't be going there if youpaid me!

  2. I'm with Caz - I wouldn't go to China on principle -stuff the Olympics - we are telling them its okay to organ farm from condemmed people before they are actually dead - and the death penalty is reasonably easy to be given in the beautiful land of China. Its a sick place - and I don;t care what any one thinks - it is sick to be holding the olympics there