Wednesday, 2 July 2008

A Few Quick Photos

Here's a few quick photos (for what they're worth), taken at last Saturday nights' gig out at Yetholme. As usual for me (D'OH!), I was so focussed playing the gig that I forget to get someone to take some photos of us actually playing, and shots of the crowd, that sorta thing. So - sorry 'bout that! [blush].

It was pretty cold that night, but the venue was beautifully heated. Plus a flat lug straight into a door at the side of the stage made for easy setting-up and packing-away. There's nothing more blergy sometimes, than having to pack everything away after playing music for three or four hours. You're feeling tired, but still wired from playing, it's cold outside, and you just wanna go home, tho people wanna stick around and talk to you. It's all good, tho.

I've been getting some simple but really effective stage lighting effects happening too. We don't use big lighting trusses - nothing like that. Just a few simple spotlights on the drumkit, a four-colour chaser one side of the stage, and an overhead projector projecting weird bright and colourful images onto either my side of the stage or onto the ceiling. Believe me, it looks fan-bloody-tastic. Too bad I didn't get any pics of it for you tho - the lights weren't even turned on when I took these quick pics. D'oh!
I got a good laff out of Julian... I bought my el-cheapo keyboard along (as Eddie's using his good one at the moment). I'd put a "Vox" sticker on the front... believe me, it sure aint no Vox keyboard! hahahahaa. But I still manage to get some good sounds out of it for a gig. No worries.

Peas be with ewe

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  1. Thanks for sharing your pics.
    Glad your having so much fun.

  2. Bootleg it Mal so we can hear the next one?

  3. ou can still blush -at your age???