Thursday, 10 July 2008


It's been just over four years since I started blogging using this thing... however, I just realised that I was "blogging" (that is, journaling online) before I knew what that was or what the term actually meant, way back in November 2001! That's like 7 1/2 bleedin' years ago! Sheesh!

That's waaaaaaay too long, isn't it...?!? Is it? I don't know...

Tis in someways interesting that there's still a small handful of faithful readers that have kept coming back, right since the earliest times. Interesting. Some have moved on - such is life. One has actually passed away, sadly.

Thank you tho. I honestly do appreciate you stopping by.

Another interesting thought... Mrs "Raven", who I met online waaaaay back in c. late 2001/early 2002, and I have kept in regular touch over all this time. We've physically met facer-to-face quite a few times, her and her family, and I've stayed with her and her great family on a few occasions, up there in Brisvegas. We share the same kinda warpo sense of humour. Yay.

Just last night she sent me a text, letting me know that they're moving to Warwick, in southern rural Queensland... a real sea-change, albeit 150 kms from the ocean.

Warwick and my hometown are really quite similar, being rural regional centers. So yeah... I truly consider it a bold, positive move for their family to relocate to a lovely place like Warwick. I spent some of my time when I used to travel a lot doing children's teaching (about 400 years ago... sigh) at a big old house and camp center at Warwick, "Kingswood" (no, not the car...).

Plus it's like 2 hours closer to here for me! wOOt.

Interesting... the Christian Mission I used to work with years' ago (that "Kingswood" used to be part of) now no longer exists (it's been condensed, by the looks of it, and lost a zillion really good people along the way, and 98% of its 'soul' as well. Sad. Very very sad. Arthur Knight, I salute you! Wherever you may be nowdays)... I know it sadly imploded in a dramatic and really negative way a few years ago. Seems like they refuse to change their way of doing things at all... strange cats... strange... "All rip-roaring-ready to go for the 1950's..." Twas a bizarro time-warp, albeit a lovely one at the time (back at the turn of the decade).

Peas be with ewe

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  1. Happy Birthday, Mal! Have an awesome day...will you be celebrating??

    Much love,

    Alice. xx

  2. Happy Birthday Mal (or is it actually your blog's birthday?)

  3. Tis my birthdaft next week, actually [giggles]. I've received one prezzie already.