Wednesday, 4 June 2008

My New Desktop

Flickr is a wonderful thing.

Here is a small version of my latest desktop piccie I'll use for my laptop.

Quite simply - aren't those colours breathtaking?

Mother Nature's anti-depressant.
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Did you take that piccie Mal?

  2. Oh that's loverly :) Sorry I've not been around things have been chaotic. I barely have blogging time.

  3. Good golly no, I didn't take that picture, but I wish! I've never been to Florida to watch a sunset! lol

    Don't stress about it, MOTD. As I always say, "Come when you can leave when you must."

    Mal :)

  4. That is a beautiful pic. I have a pretty pic of the ocean and a little bitty island.

  5. Don used to have rotating photos from the net with scenes like this from all over the world - there'd be a new on each time he turned on his computer - sometimes they'd be so beautiful he'd call me to come and look - I just have a family picture on mine.

  6. It is so beautiful. We get the most beautiful sunsets here on our lake. I try never to miss them, but real life gets in the way. Nothing more tranquil, if I sit on my porch and just watch the sunset.

    I love the pictures on the desktops. I dream about going to those spots......
    Have a good weekend.