Sunday, 25 May 2008

Nice sunny day

Whew... another cold night here. It's only 1c here this morning (no snow about tho), but should warm up to a nice sunny day for band practice this arvo. That is, if Matt can get off his stoned arse and make it. Now he's whining about it being "too cold for him to play". Geebus...

What's so sad about all this is the amount of time I've spent with Matt over the last nine-or-so months, trying to encourage him to play and express himself musically. He's a good piano player too, but after getting access to a piano for him, he's not even playing it anymore. How do I know? It's sitting in Julian's garage in its flight case. Shame, damn shame.

As someone noted, even if we (as in the other two guys in the band) confront him about his 'substance abuse problems', he'll simply deny it.

There's not a lot we can do about it, which is a damn frustrating situation to find ourselves in.

I'm not the only one, it seems, who've been told and promised all sorts of things from Matt. Nada.

It's not all negative, oh no. Last week we noticed one of the speaker cabinets for the vocal PA seemed not to be working. We tried a few things, such as changing leads and checking connections, to no avail. We managed to finished the practice with just the one speaker for vocals and the keyboard, which was fine, really.

Mick took it home and opened it up, thinking it might have just been a loose wire, something simple like that. Alas, it was something in the crossover circuit board, which required a bit of fiddling about - none of which I know enough about to have been able to have helped at all.

Long story short... it's fixed and ready for today. Cost - nil! Whew! That's the beauty of knowing people like Mick, who knows so many handy people to know about the place.

At least this week I'll be able to hear what I'm playing on piano more clearly! lol. Well...?!? I'm not a piano player, remember? I can get by with a passable a rock'n'roll thumper, or a quiet piano progression, but Matt and Mick (and Eddie, who seems to be no longer with us? No one knows!) are the keyboard players. I'm only playing it because no-one else is!

I'm enjoying it. When we actually get into the groove and play, we are still enjoying it.

And that's why we're doing it. No rock stars, no ego trip, none of the $#ite. Just fun.

Peas be with ewe

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  1. I hope you have a lot of fun playing with the group today. I understand that feeling, of wanting to play for the pure joy. No better reason.

    Sorry about Matt. It has to be frustrating at times. Hang in there with him, hopefully he will see the light!!


  2. You cannot go wrong having fun Mal, good for you, GO FOR YOUR LIFE!

  3. You can't make someone see their problems until they are ready to see them for themselves that's the real sad thing :(

  4. I always like to hear from people who like what they are is wonderful - its been a while since I have been able to really listen to any - my mum - oh she could play that piano - she was wonderful to listen to