Saturday, 24 May 2008

Five Things

Middle Child has tagged me. I've never been 'tagged' before, so I guess this is what you're supposed to do? lol

List 5 things in my bag:
My "bag" would be a large backpack/haversack thing, I guess!
i] Two folders' full of song lyrics and music arrangements.
ii] A container of blank CD's ready to burn music, whenever or wherever the need may arise!
iii] A generic blue pen, with the lid on tightly.
iv] Some small party poppers left over from a gig!
v] A music CD ready to play for the guys tomorrow at rehearsal. "Sleepless" by Peter Wolf.

List 5 favorite things in my room:
i] The numerous photos of my boys covering the doors of my wardrobe.
ii] Edward, sitting on my bed.
iii] Thoon fishie, living under water.
iv] My bed! Considering that like a third of our lives are spent asleep, my bed is a good 'un.
v] My CD player/music center, which is currently playing JS Bach.

List 5 things I've always wanted to do:
i] Spend quality time on the island of Hydra, Greece (next year, fingers' crossed).
ii] Get some semblance of sanity back in my life again?
iii] Watch a sunset over the ocean.
iv] Have a daughter of my own to spoil rotten. (So sue me! lol).
v] Drop in unexpectedly on some old friends who live in Vancouver Canada, for a cup of tea!

List 5 things I am currently into:
i] Listening to various forms of baroque and classical music, such as Bach, Mozart, Liszt and Beethoven.
ii] Blogging and finding interesting photos online.
iii] Reading and enjoying [auto]biographies and history.
iv] Watching old black-and-white classic movies.
v] Playing different instruments, such as guitar, bass, keyboards, harmonica, and bits of percussion.

Peas be with ewe

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  1. Every single answer has something about music. Why am I not surprised??

    Too bad about your buddy, Matt. Unfortunately, it takes those with drug problems much longer to realize they have a problem then it took everyone else. And if you confront him? He'll deny it. So sad - waste.

  2. Yes, he'll deny it. I'm fully aware of it. So there's very little I can do about it, apart from distance myself from someone who doesn't seem to want any 'help'.

    He's been a very casual social pot smoker, which I can kinda turn a blind eye to, as it hasn't affected his ability to play - usually. But the last months it's been constant drinking and massive amounts of dope. I can't go around there anymore, without feeling like I'm walking into a ... I dunno what. Very sad.

    The two other guys in the band are feeling the same way, after I spoke with them frankly in the last two days. We don't know what to do with him, either.

    Very sad.


  3. Amazing what is there in those five questions... now you have got to tag SOMEBOD!!!!!hahahahahaha