Saturday, 31 May 2008

Fish sprung a leak

I woke up this morning, discovering the goldfish had sprung a leak.

The fish tank, that is. Water wasn't quite everywhere, but things were starting to get pretty damn damp on the tabletop in my bedroom. Gagh!

Of course, the major petshop in town didn't have the same size tank in stock, so I had to grab one slightly larger... about another bloody 15 liters bigger! There was $80 I wasn't anticipating spending... sheesh.

Took me a while to sort things out, and find a new pozzie for the slightly-larger tank. This one'll sit in the main living room, rather than in my bedroom, as the old one had for the previous four+ years.

At first, after settling the water down and setting it up (basically... it still needs some fine-tuning, and a whole heap more river gravel), I thought Mr Thoon wasn't gonna make it... he wasn't moving properly for the first twenty minutes or so. I couldn't sit and just watch him die! I had to walk out for a while.

But he's come good. Bloody resilient fish, this one!

I know it's only a simple goldfishie, but when you live on your own, you like having something else living in the place sometimes.
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Hey, it's not just a simple goldfish, as you correctly point out, it's another living thing in the house. I've had them and they're great.

  2. Glad thoon is better...The one thing that i found out was that you can't empty the entire tank of water...they need some of the old water to survive...something they produce in the water helps them when you clean a tank.
    I asked our pet store why everytime i cleaned the tank at least one fish died...they said don't empty it totally i started to do that and i am happy to say we have had the same fish for over 5 years.

    I bet thoon is really happy to have a new home :)