Saturday, 17 May 2008

Eight New Songs

Thank you very much to my faithful handful of readers who leave their affirming comments. Thank you, one and all. I sincerely do appreciate it.

You know when some is severely affected by severe depression when they sleep, and I mean sleep, for 14 hours straight. It's not like I'm a 15-yo kid on school holidays, is it? lol

Yes, 24-hours helps. I'm feeling a bit better. Alas, the kickback is that the current time is 2.30 in the am! Gagh! Almost time for afternoon tea! Gagh! I've set my alarms (plural) for 9am, so I'm gonna get out and about tomorrow and try and get back into some 'normal' day/night routine, rather than the confusing angst this last week+ has been for me.

Some positive news despite some very black thoughts, especially this morning. Looks like my only brother has finally sold their old house. It's been over a year since it's been on the market. It's been one long yes-no-yes-no from potential buyers all this time. Basically, they just want to be rid of it and pay off their debts. They moved 3,000 kms away so they could be debt-free after they sold their house. Needless to say, the last c.12 months has been very tight for them financially as a result. Happy but a struggle.

They only want to be able to relax after a whole lifetime of working their arses off.

On another tangent, the microwave died last night. Literally went 'pop'. Not bad... it was my late-mums' old machine, circa-1980! How's that for a good innings from something thats been used countless times?! No biggie tho... there's plenty of small ones (is all I really need) available at a choice of about seven different retailers around town! Yay for capitalism :p

I've got eight new songs to present to the band on Sunday's rehearsal. Five of them are completed and arranged originals too. We'll see how they feel about them... or, more to my line of thinking, if they're willing and able to be able to do something creative with them. Julian - no problems! Matt and Mick... why do I fear that they could quite possibly turn five simple rock and roll songs into unmitigated disasters? We'll see. Benefit of the doubt and all that, you know...
Jack the Ripper? (ie. "Things are not always what they seem!" lol)

“I know it's cold outside,” I said to her.
She didn't think it mattered that the shadows lengthened.
“Winter's cold embrace is empty space.”

And then it happened,
She turned round the corner,
Then I saw him running madly at her like a hawk,
I saw the package in his hand.

She turned right towards him, as he tremblingly stood still.
I saw him falter as he opened up the bag of letters;
He was Postman Ken.
You gotta have a sense of humour!
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Oh man, we have a microwave that's almost as old as me and its still going strong. I hope mine doesn't perish in sympathy.


  2. keep positive mal!
    Have fun with your band mates.

  3. Glad you're up and about. One step at a time...

  4. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air!!!!

  5. New microwave... did your old one have the dial rather than buttons to push? My mum's did! Until extremely recently!

  6. Kick that depression in the arse mate... one day at a time okay? wonderful news for your brother and his family, life will be good for them now for sure!

  7. Oh, and the microwave, we had our first one die on us 3 years ago, we had bought it when I was at University, I was lasted an awful long time..unlike most whitegoods these days.

  8. "Getting so much better all the time".

    Thank you, everyone. :)

  9. Postman Ken! Ha ha.

    Never had a microwave, don't want one. You could put photos of your boys where the micorwave was and then when you cook your stuff it'd still have a bit of vit C left in it...

    Hope you are happier now...remember its winter and the days are short and not much sunlight, we tend to be more down then. If you can get the time try to get some Sun on your face and arms daily for at least ten mins. It does seem to help with a small level of the blues.... and each little thing which helps is a little less to deal with.