Sunday, 18 May 2008

And... I'm back!

Once again, thank you very much to my faithful handful of readers who leave their affirming comments. Thank you, one and all. I sincerely do appreciate it.

Wow... that sure was a ba$tard of a two-weeks just gone, let me tell you!

But it looks as tho I've kicked and buried under the house the old "Black Dog" again. Thank gawd for that.

Getting out and about really helped, on both Saturday and today.

Jumped out yesterday for a few hours, before the weather turned nasty. Did some positive haggling for a great price on a new microwave. From originally marked as $165 down to $135 down to what I paid them cash for it: $110! wOOt! And yes... mum's 28-year old microwave that died the other day was one of those old-style giant ones with a large knob on the front. Worked wonders until two days ago. Not a bad run, huh?

Eddie didn't show (again!) for band practice this arvo, but we had a really good session all the same. I actually played some... piano! Gasp! Yes, I still can't believe it either. As well as bass, I jumped on the piano after one of our short breaks, and started playing away a few standards - which we've immediately added to our repertoire! [smiles]. Yes yes, it all came together instantly for all four of us, and we really worked out some good grooves and feels for four simple songs we can easily do with minimal effort. Plus they sounded good as well, which sure helps. I can't believe we knocked off The Beatles "Let It Be", Bill Withers' "Lean On Me", and Neil Diamond/The Monkees' "I'm A Believer" and "Solitary Man" - literally playing them from memory! Simply - they worked! So, everybody's happy.

Mind you... an attempt to have a go at Ray Charles version of "What I Say" sounded really good... but I simply can't sing and play like him! Not by any stretch of the imagination... altho we got it cooking pretty fantastically all the same. heh heh.

Plus it was so cold here today! It was only 4c / 39f degrees (must be snowing somewhere nearby, surely)... sitting in a garage with the door open wasn't the best climate, but we still had lots of fun, just like we used to have playing together. Whew!

Matt nearly froze his watsis off, poor ba$tard, standing near the open garage door (Julian's neighbours are great tho. Most weeks they actually come out to watch and listen! Last week they came out with deck chairs, wine and cheese! Seriously! hahahaa)! But yeah... I DID introduce four of those new original songs (playing guitar and singing), running thru them basically with the guys - and they didn't curl up their noses at them. Mind you, they're just simple fun rock'n'roll type stuff. but we can play that kinda stuff with our eyes closed. That's why I pulled 'em out for us to have a go at.

After a coffee (and Tim Tam!!!) break, it was then I jumped on the piano/keyboard and started "Let It Be" for something totally different... and it worked too! Thank fark for that!

Matt was straight/sober today - for a change. But he knows I'm really unhappy with him at the moment, for all sorts of different reasons. He's been keeping a polite distance. That's fine, really. He's 33 years' old, for goodness sakes. I can't be his mother... he's gotta accept the consequences for his choices yadda yadda yadda. But yeah, he didn't play too badly today, until we noticed that his fingers were literally glowing red with cold!!! "I can't close my hand enough to play" lol.

Mick actually accepted some... ermm... "affirmative guidance", when it came to modifying song arrangements and structures... so, overall, it was a positive day for all of us.

But especially for me.

I'll sleep like a log tonight - for a change. I nice tired sleep, rather than a heavy fogbound solitude tossing and turning sleep...
"Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy."
- Anne Frank
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Well done Mal. Glad to see you kicked it for a while.

  2. Congrats on getting a good price. Have I mentioned we have a microwave that is that old too? I know we got it when I was a little girl and I'm 34 so....

  3. Thank you. i'm feeling better, but there's always 'room for improvement', shall we say? At least I've got the emotional energy to be able to do things now. When the 'Black Dog' is crowding me with very dark thoughts, it's nigh impossible to find the energy to do absolutely anything! So yeah, I'm feeling comparatively great! At least I'm out and about and functioning reasonably. Two weeks 'out of service' was quite long enough, thank you very much! lol

    Wow... that's a HUGE innings from your microwave! (Does his maths... carries the two...] That would make it only... 12 years old, right? lol [kidding]

    Mal :)

  4. I love all the songs that you mentioned bad you didn't live here...I would love to have your band singing in my neighborhood.
    Keep that "Black Dog" at the pound...

    I wish that you can record your band and play it on here so we all can have a listen.

  5. Great deal on the microwave! I love when an old one lasts a long, long time but even better to get a great deal on a new one.

    I love that you got the chance to kick back and play with the guys. It sounds relaxing and fun. The songs you mentioned are some of my favorites, so I would have pulled up a chair and enjoyed the music too. Music can sure heal the soul, the right music anyway.

    I hope you do hope your sleeping gets better. Nothing worse than that depression sleep, seems to zap your energy, no matter how much you get.

    Hope your week is a good one! Glad your back.

  6. Love was out to get me... da-na, da-na... that's the way it seemed.... take it!!!

  7. I like a positive day..and so, the sun shall rise, even if it is behind cold clouds, tomorrow is a new day :)

  8. Glad you are feeling better.

    Hey, if your band was playing in the garage next door - I'd be out with some drinks to listen!!!

  9. Oooooh...hidden talents!! Go the piano; I would have loved to be a fly on the wall!

    Hang in there Mal; glad to hear you're over the hump.

  10. Glad to see Mal's back on and still jammin' Keep on - keeping on!
    I just had to replace my 4 year old microwave this week too. It caught fire while trying to defrost hot dog buns! I paid about a $150 for a big GE.

  11. I feel for you. My own mum suffered with periods of depression and euphoria...but she knew and recognised these states with "This is what I am going through now and it will end" In between those states we had the most amazing and wonderful mum for the seven months between. She was diagnosed Manic Depressive after dad was killed by a drunk driver... unsure to this day what it really was caused by. Many people of Celtic nackground suffer from depression and they have a tendency not to absorb B6 and Zinc... thats how it is in our family...