Wednesday, 2 April 2008


I didn't sleep well on Friday night... I felt like a kid before Xmas morning, I was so excited! Yes yes, I am a total dorkalope! [rofl]

Seeing my boys! Playing a gig! Sailing! All on one weekend.

Picked up JD from his Opah's place, and we chatted like old mates on our way to pick up his two younger brothers from home, about 20 minutes away. Then the four of us were chatting away happily, swapping stories and catching up with all the stuff that's been going on in our lives... and before we knew it we'd traveled the 30kms / 18.5 miles from their place into town, ready for some Indoor Tenpin Bowling.

I have no idea who won the two games we played... but I sure remember that both SJ and IX got strikes waaaaaaaaaaay before JD or I ever did! wOOt!

SJ played Ix in a long game of Air Table Hockey (or whatever they call it?), where they managed to stand still long enough so I could get a few photos! heh heh.

SJ (above) was still wearing his pyjama shirt... talk about being pretty casual when it comes to hanging out with dad, huh? Ix (aged nine, below), loves cuddles... we sat and cuddled for like half an hour while everyone was bowling... while he wasn't sliding on his knees across the bowling floor, that is...

In the end , I didn't get any decent photos of JD (he's my 14-yo son), as he's a bit camera-shy atm... he's a bit 'spotty' and I didn't wanna embarrass him about it, yeah. But he and I had two games of pool... actually the first time we'd ever played that together (just circumstances never enabled us before this!) And yes... he's got his competative streak straight from me, I am sure of it! He flogged me at the first game (it didn't help that I potted the jack off a black-ball game! D'oh!) But it was game-on with the second game... shot for shot! I only just pipped him!

We all love our silly one-liners... we all have the same warped sense of humour... a one liner can always trigger a quick-witted rely... so they were flying about the table... good laffs.

Us? Competitive when it comes to games?

You betya! heh heh.

We did the whole paper-rock-scissors thing to decide where to go for lunch, and KFC won out... I was amazed to actually see SJ (above left) eat something more than some chippies! He and I are very similar in lots of ways... at the same age, I ate hardly anything at all. I'm not kidding... I somehow survived on cheese sandwiches and strawberry milkshakes! So yeah, to see him getting stuck into some new stuff was encouraging. Ix (above right), was, as per normal, acting as soon as he spotted the camera come out! The chippie monster cometh!!!

Afterwards they wanted to hire some DVDs to take home with them for the week. Stopping the car and stepping out, I hear Ix screaming in pain behind me... he'd accidentally slammed his car door closed on his hand!!!

Sitting him down... he was obviously in a LOT of pain... I checked his hand out carefully, reassuring him with quiet words and comforting him, sitting him on my knee. JD took SJ into the store, and Ix and I sat outside for a few minutes until I could check out if there were any (gulp!) broken bones!

One thing I must say about my car - the rubber seals on my doors are large and soft. That's the only thing that saved Ix's hand from a whole lot worse. He caught it right across the knuckles too... yes, he was in a lot of pain there at first, understandably!!!

I was almost in tears myself.

His hand was not broken, nor any fingers. Apart from some swelling and a bit of stiffness, he'd stopped crying after a few brief minutes, and was smiling again as we walked into the video shop together, after his brothers.

He sure is one resilliant young bloke!

I've rung a few times in the past few days to see how he's going, and apart from a little bit of swelling, he's absolutely fine! Thank gawd for that!

Accidents happen. Doesn't make it any easier when they do, tho. My heart was in my throat... I could feel every tear he'd shed!

In the end, the selected a few good fun movies to watch (because they live a fair way out of town, they only get into town about once a week to do stuff like this, so we make the most of doing stuff like this while we can).

The drive home was just as chatty as the way in... swapping jokes, silly stories, school adventures...

Oh, here's one... JD's always going on how his little brothers drive him potty somedays, yet if someone says something negative or somehow seems to threaten them...

Some older girl was picking on SJ on the school bus the other day... he ended up with a small patch of purple hair dye on the top of his head! (You can just make it out on the top of his head in the pic above, left!) Anyways... JD, sitting at the back of the bus, saw what was going on, briskly walked down towards the front, stood up to the girl and told her, basically, "You pick on my brother, you're picking on ME!"

Needless to say, the situation was quickly diffused!

How's that for a proud big brother! I was so proud!

Mind you... JD's a gentle giant... it was all bluff... but the girl sure didn't know that! hahahahaha

Yeah... in the end, you'd never get a 14-yo boy to admit he loves and cares for his kid brothers... but that's a pretty darn good example, huh? heh heh

I love, adore my sons. They are my life. It hurts like hell being a divorced dad, and not being part of their lives 24/7. Just being able to see them and hang out with them with it being a wholly positive experience for all of us is just such a life-affirming situation for me (and all of us) to be in.

And the truth is... while I did NOT shave all of my hair off for April Fools [giggles], this arvo I did trim 19cm / 7-1/2 inches off the length of my ponytail. It's still long... just obviously not as long. Trying to get a straight edge when doing your own hair ends is not as easy as you'd think (twas just out of eye-shot, so balancing mirrors and scissors was a laff) - but I got there in the end. To be honest, it all looks a million percent better.

Yes, I am a dorkalope, as I've already said.

Oh... thanks to MOTD for that particular apt expression - lovin' it!
Peas be with ewe

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  1. What?! You trimmed the pony-tail?

    Good to see you spent some time with your boys. Hope the gig went well.

  2. Dorkalope is such a wonderful word, isn't it :)

  3. I love how you write of the love you feel for your kids, I am so the same with my four and I know their dad is the same too.
    Doing all those things with them is so important, the bond will never be broken between you all, you are an ace dad :)
    Look forward to reading of your adventures from here on :)

  4. My wife shut our kids hand in a car door once when he was very small. How she felt his pain. It was awful for her. Fortunatly th eboy was unharmed - about the same as your lad. It's horrible though.

  5. PS I'm glad to see you have dropped the catchpa Mal because I've had a lot of trouble posting comments. Excellent.

  6. Hope your sons hand is feeling better.
    You haven't told us how your gig went.
    Glad you had a great time with your boys.

  7. Ouch to the hand. I have a horrid story on that. I was holding a baby shutting the car door and didnt notice Sara (about 7) had her hand in the door.. slammed it once.. it didnt shut so I slammed it AGAIN.

    The pain had made her silent for a second or so... and I slammed it AGAIN! Actually thinking about that event makes me feel guilty all over again!

    But thanks for the good time stories. We all love them!

  8. Thank you so much for your post comments. Muchly appreciated, good people :)

  9. I'm glad you and your kids have "one liners" Don, the girls and I used to make these wierd home vidoes, our favourite is "Picnic at Don Rock" where Don plays little fat Eadie..and of course I am Mrs Appletart the headmistress. The girls played Miranda and Mme de Poiters... we have so many one liners from that that sometimes on the phone we can bring each other undone...once one starts we just string them all together and either burst out howling because we miss him so much or burst out laughing, also because we love him so much. Glad you and your kids can laugh and its the sense of humour along with the love which will bind them to you and you to them...for life. Sorry your marriage didn't last, but you got your boys and they got you okay.

  10. Thank you, Middle Child. I adore my boys.