Thursday, 3 April 2008

Happy Pooh

Every once in a while, we all need a happy pooh!

I will write a post all about my positive fun weekend... I just need to tackle about 56,391 other things first atm.

Ix made me laugh... talking to him about his hand (which is absolutely fine btw...), I asked him if it was affecting his writing hand... perhaps if it had been, he could have had a few days off school (just as a joke... we've all inherited my warpo sense of humour).

"Nuh uh... I can still type on the computer anyways!"

hahahahaaaaa. Gotta love a nine-year-olds logic!
Oh... in case I haven't said it before... my 5-string bass confounds everyone who sees it! I'm lovin' it. At least no-one else wants to put their greasy paws on it...

Sailing is over for this season - dam water has suddenly become too blinkin' cold... looks like we won't be back again until October. Tis sad... I've only been out a handful of times this season.

Awww... crud.

I hope I remember to replace my hiking strap before the next time I take my little Wyreema II out... falling backwards into the water unexpectedly ain't always a good plan...
Peas be with ewe

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  1. There's something really odd about having a happy pooh. I'm just saying, ya know :P

  2. I'm glad your son's hand is okay. Just thinking about that makes me cringe - you know, hurt all over. There is nothing worse than getting your hand slammed in the door.

  3. Where is the extra string - I don't mean I can't see it, I mean where is it in relation to the four normal strings?

    Oh, and thanks for you kind offers Mal, but I'm doing reasonably well so far.

  4. Glad your son is doing fine..I can't believe it's time for you to be cold and we are about to be warm...this weekend is suppose to be in it's 60's..woohooo...
    I can't wait to open windows and enjoy some fresh air.

  5. On my 5-string bass, the extra string is a low B-string.

    it confuses people because they get so used to approaching a bass as a 4-stringed instrument, and using the same 'shapes' on a 50string usually means that if ur not used to it, you find yourself a fifth-flat! heh heh

    Mal :)

  6. Have to admit that from April to october is my favourite time of brain just does not work in summer...not that it works all that good in winter...just better