Saturday, 15 March 2008

Housemate Hassles

Hrm... how do I say this? I caught my housemate of eight months stealing cash in the house this evening!

No, it's not a joke.

Needless to say, I'm extremely upset, pissed off and angry.

He left his $100 weeks' rent on the kitchen bench, as he normally does, no dramas. I went to pick it up and write him out a receipt (as I normally do) this evening, and one $50 note was missing.

Now look... it's not his money. Once he's paid me the rent, the money is mine. The other thing is... if he'd simply asked me, I would have loaned him the $50 no worries at all. He knows that.

But he didn't even ask me. He just took it.

What was he thinking?

It's the last straw. Basically he's been fine, really. He's just a young, un-house-trained bloke who still likes to go out and drink way too much too many nights' a week. Then he brings his loud obnoxious drunken yobbo mates back here about once a fortnight, who end up sleeping on the floor... oh, did I tell you about the time about six weeks' ago when one of his drunken mates decided it would be a good idea to let himself into our place late one night - thru our bathroom window?

I'm not kidding or exaggerating.

Oh, and the neighbours complained at their late-night noise the other week too. Geesus... you've gotta appreciate everyones' right to live somewhere with some decent peace and quiet! Not partying out the front down the driveway at like 1am, or out the back with the CD player blaring at 2am [as I stumbled into coming home late myself the other week].

No. That's enough. I've got all my stuff here to consider.

Not happy, Jan.

He's really been quite alright for the last five months or so... he's just trying to start getting away with murder around here in some ways, especially his contribution to household chores and stuff. For geebus' sakes, I'm not his mother. Enough is enough.

It's hard comparing anyone at all with my previous housemate of four years. We got on like a house on fire, whilst still living our seperate lives. Any niggles or disputes got dealt with quickly and with no stress. She was a bit loud now and again, but never ever a problem in any way. She was even a polite drunk! rofl We still catch up.

But yeah... having this housemate stealing? That's a huge boundary to cross. Am I right or am I being a bastard?

Anyways... one new thing to think about - kicking his arse out of here and getting a new reliable housemate. Just the sorta shit I don't need.

Stop Press... it's about two hours after I posted this... he must have snuck in and gone to bed and I didn't hear him come home (I had my headphones on).

Now there's only $75 sitting there. Jesus... at least he's paid some of it back. But hey, it's the principle of the thing. Am I right or am I being a bastard?

On a lighter note... I cracked open my first bottle of French Red out at Matt's last night. What can I say?

Extreme YUM!
Peas be with ewe

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  1. I would be frustrated too. Inconsiderate roomies are the worst and raising someone you didn't create is too much work. I admit it though.... I don't like living with people (besides Hubby and my kids). High fences make great neighbors :-)

  2. priorities are priorities...
    the bank won't let me live here without paying my mortgage. same rules apply!
    If a tongue lashing don't work...i say out ya go!

  3. It's interesting... he's been laying low since Saturday... I've hardly seen hide nor hair of him.

  4. He's your housemate not your partner, talking a hard line is not unreasonable.