Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Missing Something?

Had an interesting experience yesterday... went into town for like 30 minutes and came home again. I was sitting in my front room, just finishing a bite to eat, when there was a knock on the door.

"Has anyone here lost their wallet?" asked a motorbike-helmeted guy.

My housemate certainly hadn't, I assumed I hadn't either. But I went in to check where my...


Yes, it was my wallet!

This guy saw it lying on the road (where I had parked like only 20 minutes before), and handed it straight into the Police Station! Isn't that amazing...?!?! I was gobsmacked! He'd come straight from the Police Station to tell me he'd found it and handed it in!

I had no idea I'd even lost it, which was the mind-number!

A quick trip to the Cop Shop and I collected it uneventfully.

Did I mention I happened to have a good collection of cash in there as well? Not a cent was missing!!!

Wow. There ARE still a few random good people out there, huh?

I knew I shouldn't have worn those shorts when I went uptown! I can only assume my wallet slipped out of those bloody horrid pockets of those pants when I sat down in my car, and fell out onto the street, much to my obliviousness (is that a word? lol).

Sat at home watching the cricket for a while, until Matt rang and suggested I come over for a little while, just to catch up. Yeah, we hadn't hung out for about a week... that's what happens when he's on night shift and all that. So we played a bit of guitar, but basically just chat-chat-chat for about 2 hours.

Back home to see the close-call-demolition of the Aussies by India in the Second One-Day Cricket Final. Oh well. It happens. Tis just a game.

But tis good to finally see the Aussie's up against some formidable opposition. Bout bloody time.

I spent a few brief minutes making an attempt to remix and remaster that "Helen" music thing I did the other week. I'm still working out exactly how it all works! heh heh I should re-record the vocals and add a bass part, but - why bother? It's just a doodle.

"Helen" - Robert Lowell
"Imitations" [1961] after Valery: Helene

I am the blue! I come from the lower world
to hear the serene erosion of the surf;
once more I see the galleys bleed with dawn,
and shark with muffled rowlocks into Troy.
My solitary hands recall the kings;
I used to run my fingers through their beards;
I wept. They sang about their shady wars,
the great gulfs boiling sternwards from their keels.
I hear the military trumpets, all that brass,
blasting commands to the frantic oars;
the rowers' metronome enchains the sea,
and high on beaked and dragon prows, the gods -
their fixed, archaic smiles stung by salt -
reach out their carved, indulgent arms to me!
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Lovin' that Helen thing Mal. That's got vibes. Work it up properly, it'l get there if you try. What's the poem? I might nick that y'know?

  2. Thank God about your wallet...i just panicked when we went to get food and i could not find my debit card! I had missplaced it my wallet but it had me scared for a couple minutes.

    I wonder why he just did not bring it to you, rather than take it to the police station, since he went to your house anyways.

  3. Where I live - you would have never seen that wallet again, the cash would have been gone before it hit the ground, and there would be 50 people out there filling out credit applications in your name by the end of the day. What a disaster. I have lost a few wallets in my day, it is never fun. I am so glad you got it back.

  4. Thanx Axe. yes yes, i know there's a basis of a good little riff-orientated thing there, and I'll flesh it all out eventually.

    I'm thankful for the wallet's return too. The guy who found it handed me a 'Lost-and-found card' with my address on it direct from the Police Station. I guess he was just being community minded? I've written a Thank you "Letter to the Editor" about it, just to let people here know that there are still good people out there.

    I was too stunned at the time to do anything more than shake his hand and sincerely offer my thanks... I didn't even get his name, let alone an address, of the guy who found it! D'oh!

    Mal :)

  5. Whew, glad you had your wallet returned. I had my purse stolen for my car once, and it took me 6 attempts to get my drivers license back. argh!