Wednesday, 27 February 2008

When the rain comes

Thank you all, once again, for your supporting and encouraging posts. Having an emotionally-turmoiled day like yesterday just physically wears you out. I've spent most of today sleeping - can you believe it? No, I can't either.

I'm feeling brighter today, but just physically and emotionally washed-out. I should come good in a few more days. I'll have to postpone my day volunteering at Meals on Wheels tomorrow... part of this 'cycle' (for me) is kinda being a bit reclusive when there's strangers around in a public situation. Yes, it's impossible to explain it all... not that I understand it all myself...

I'm fine at home, or with a small group of friends at the moment. Tomorrow I'll probably wake up and feel fine and go in all the same. I hope so. It's usually a cathartic(?) thing for me, in a funny kinda way.

Sent and received an email from Julian, the drummer... I confided in him that I had a bit of a depressive turn, and he could not have been more encouraging. I'm really grateful for his support that way. Sometimes, being single and in my situation as a divorced dad, sometimes I feel (rightly or wrongly) that no-one is on "my side". So his simple encouragement was really helpful for me.
Mood Check

How are you doing? Can you tell us a little about what is going on in your life?

1 - Horrible, the worst, hopeless, not functioning, extremely depressed; Hospitalization needed

2 - Not much better, barely functioning, very depressed; Wondering "What's the point?"

3 - Low level functioning, still so depressed

4 - Feeling okay, getting by, yet could be better; Not
coping up to par, but not quite as depressed

5 - Satisfied, functional, not feeling depressed, but not feeling great either! There is hope!

6 - Starting to feel more stable, a little more energy and feeling like joining in life again!

7 - Feeling okay! Pretty good, actually! Hopeful!

8 - Great! Very Happy! Things are going well.

9 - Fantastic, stable; Excellent; Life is good.

10 -Feeling confident and competent! I can do anything!
Yesterday, I was a 2. Today I am a 4. "Getting so much better all the time" (Lennon/McCartney) (Thanx to Shadowe for the link)

We had some a-maze-ing rainfall here last night and this morning... a couple of inches dropping like sheets from the sky!!! The sky all afternoon has been varying shades of dark-grey, but apart from some distant rumblings, there's been no follow-up waterfalls. I guess it all up and move on into Sydney, 200 kms / 120 miles away.

Even tho the grass was 'slashed at' the other week, it sure needs doing yet again. It's not a good idea to use an electric lawnmower on wet grass tho, is it? heh heh.
Thanx to MOTD for the fun pic!
Peas be with ewe

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  1. I always loved Lennon's chime in line on Getting Better (Can't get much worse). Cynical bugger, that Lennon was :)

  2. I'm glad the link I shared might help. They certainly helped me over time. Great to talk to people in the same boat on the same heading you know?

    I saw what you posted on the forum where we met. I have to say: BRAVO. Sometimes it is a bit much eh?

    Hang in there bro. We are all here for you.

  3. Hey Mal. how are you getting on with Divshare matey? You've got to copy the code (embedded) onto your blog to get the player to appear on your site. Send me an email if you get stuck? I couldn't play any of your demos which was a shame. I like what you are doing with the BOS band website. We are currently doing same to make our official band pages more accessible to everybody. Just need a music player software and well be set.

  4. Hope your feeling better soon Mal. I am fighting depression also right now...I am living day by day and trusting that god will help when he can.
    stay positive Mal. You have plenty of friends here online and your band mates and your sailing friends to help you. ((((HUGS)))

  5. Thank you so much! Seriously... I don't want to sound like a broken record, but thank you all so much for your comments :)

    Thanks for that, Axe, I'll try that next time I go to post some music online. Ta.

    "Getting so much better all the time!"

  6. Hang in there Mal! There must be something in the air that is making things dark lately. You are a chipper light in the dark -- you will come back to full shine quickly :-) Feel better - you are never alone. Depression wears you out -- I know exactly what you mean. May the new day bring light and inspiration.