Thursday, 14 February 2008


Yesterday was "Sorry Day" here in Australia. Here's the text of the statement read by the PM yesterday.

To quote Daniel Bowen,
"I think one of the reasons I’m so pleased the apology is that it’s so rare for politicians to admit that they (individually or collectively) were wrong. That alone makes it a historic day."
Alas and alack, I too also feel that the Opposition Leader Brenden Nelson, is an absolute dick. Thank fuck they got elected out of office, otherwise this would never have happened. I spit on ex-PM John Howard for not even bothering to attend.

One Aboriginal chap at Meals on Wheels today went down to Canberra for the day yesterday. He was deeply moved, as his own family were directly affected by this whole situation, all those years ago.

Walking downtown yesterday, someone used Arthur Staces' concept of writing "Eternity" in chalk on the footpath, by writing "Sorry" at various intersections downtown. Touche.

Things like these events affect generations for generations.

The Stolen Generations were the Australian Holocaust. I'm quite serious.
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Here, here Mal.

    That's a very promising sign for a country town too. Excellent.

  2. I agree with mistress. At least you have a "sorry day" there. Every day here in the US should be sorry day. Alas it wont happen.

    Check it out bro: you inspired me!

  3. Thanks people. Appreciate your comments.

    Tis the joys of living in a town with a huge Uni... there's always a political-consciousness about the place somehow.

    Well, it's taken our Govt, what, a couple of decades or more? to get to this stage. The previous Govt refused to even acknowledge anything was wrong for like 10 years plus... and even then the ex-leader didn't even show up to the event. Pure dickless.

    Glad you're gonna try your hand at Blogging, Shadowe. I've added your page to my list. Cool. Thanks.

    Mal :)

  4. Our little mayor of detroit has a whole lot of "sorry's" to say. His poor wife must be so embarrassed.

    I hope that your able to start sailing always puts you in such a good mood