Friday, 15 February 2008

A New Blog

Here's a fresh new blog for you to explore... Shadowe is a mate I've met online from the U.S.... we've both share a passion for family and music! Yay!

Speaking of family... I'll upload those photos now. I'm still trying to sort something out to pay Flickr to upgrade my account, as I don't possess a credit card. I'm not comfortable asking a friend if I can reimburse them to use theirs to do it... but I don't know how else I can do it. I tried to enter my debit card details onto Paypal, but it didn't want to know about it. Hrmmm... thankfully Flickr doesn't delete photos... they're still there, just not all open for public viewing at the moment. Only the most recent 200 photos. That's fine. But there's like 600 photos on there already!

Sailing? When? My little Wyreema hasn't moved from it's parking spot since early January, I think? My last sail was with Mr Hoon and his family, chasing each other around on Ben Chifley Dam... me on my Laser, and they on their newly-acquired Trailer Sailor. Swimming at the far end of the dam, my Laser tied up to the back of the moored boat, afternoon cup of tea... all purely decadent! Recently, I just haven't felt motivated... I've never felt comfortable going out for a sail when there's no one else around, especially another type of sailing craft. And lately there just hasn't been much going on, sailing-wise. Even out at Carcoar, where I normally go - despite all the amazing rainfalls of the past 2-or-so months, the water level is actually DROPPING! The place is bloody unsailable again. Bloody hell, that's really frustrating. Here we are... we have this great little facility out there, for sailing and just hanging out at - and there's no water and therefore no reason to go out there! Bugger it.

Oh well... this is the second season in a row where low water levels have severely curtailed my sailing activities. Even out at Ben Chifley Dam, the blue-green algae is pretty thick and stinky at the moment... not making for a good motivator to go out there for a sail either. The thought of capsizing into that is... well... eewwww!

I love my sailing! Don't get me wrong! I guess I was anticipating the dam out at Carcoar to be at least 30% or possibly 50% full by this time. But it's like at 10%... sheesh! I literally just checked the level then, and it's dropped 1% in just a few days! That's ridiculous!

[Points and accusing finger] There's a huge gold mine downstream... and they put-on a "Supporting the Local Community" front for the public. But the practical reality is the opposite. They've done a lot of underneath-the-table and backdoor deals that is basically sucking the water out of our region. They're tapping into the artesian underground bore water as well... not illegally [technically], but still doing it all on the sly. Once they take all the water out of Carcoar, what then?

This is the Aussie bush. Without water, we're ALL stuffed.
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Hay Mal.

    How much is the Flickr upgrade? I might be able to help you out with that. There are options. Leave me a message on IM or email me ok?

    I know what it's like to have the boat right there and not be able to use it. I have finally decided to sell mine this season. I would like to trade over for a 22 to 26 foot I/O but the way the market is here, it is going to be tough. I will probably sell it and hold on to the cash and buy used in a year or so when everyone is selling because the gas is so high.

    Later bro.

  2. I'm back on the internet! And in a good mood. Have a great weekend! :D

  3. Can't you do the flickr thing with just your bank account info and Paypal?