Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Small Growing

JD told me he's 'broken it off' with his 'lady friend' this week! Golly! Breaking hearts at 14 - already! He's hanging to play with his new 'toy', the paddock basher. It's living at Opah's farm, which is about 20kms/12 miles from where he lives!

My housemate came home today unexpectedly... then disappeared out the door again, and I haven't seen him since. I have no idea what...? It's always the way... I was gonna be domestic this arvo... attack the small growing pile of plates in the sink etc etc etc before he got back. But he beat me to it... that is to say, I still tidied the place up a bit this arvo, but he saw it looking a bit worse for wear! heh heh. Oh well. The joys of two bachelors sharing a place, I guess. [grins] but at least I vachume and mop...

I put those simple small casters on the bottom of my new amp... wow! Why didn't I do something so simple like that 15 years ago??? [palm-slaps self] I'm off to Bunnings in the morning to get some heavier-duty ones for my bass speaker cabinet. That one weighs about 35 kgs/75 lbs... castors are definitely something I should have done years ago... like back in 1988!!!!!!! D'OH!

Why didn't I put those castors onto my quad box TWENTY years ago...? Oh gawd, I am such an idiot! hahahahaaa. Such an easy job, so simple - and makes lugging that ruddy great thing around a breeze! Hey, I'm not a 26-yo anymore!

I wrote what I thought was gonna be a quick bright and breezy email to my brother... 3 pages later...! I kinda just got chatting. It was nice... felt like I was sitting down with a cuppa with him having a bit of a chinwag, just catching up.

It's all good.
Peas be with ewe

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  1. I'm staring in rapt fascination at the exfoliate cartoon :)

  2. I'm coming over all Saturnian here, but a 14 year old and a paddock basher doesn't sound like a particularly good combination to me. No rules, fang it as hard and fast as it can go round the corners. I dunno Mal. Sorry to be such a wet blanket it just sounds like a prang waiting to happen. Yes I know he's not just any 14 year old but I think a few stern words of warning from the old man about coming a gutsa might be in order.

  3. well atleast your boy ain't all "twiderpatted" as Thumber on Bambi would say.
    He's young..there will be plenty of women for him to break hearts.

    I'm so happy that you are doing so many positive things lately