Tuesday, 5 February 2008

It Arrived

My new guitar amp finally arrived by courier yesterday. I must have missed them at home, and picked it up from the local depot. No dramas. One large cardboard box!

Needless to say, I've spent a few hours playing thru it. Of course, it sounds like a million dollars! What a thrifty bargain shopper I am! For exactly the same quality/features/sounds etc for a "name" brand amp would cost at least twice the price plus. So yeah, I'm very happy.

I shouldn't say that... Epiphone actually is a 'name' in rock music circles!

Plus, it's made at the Gibson factory... oh goodness! I actually own a Gibson amp!

Today's task is to put some simple casters onto the bottom of it, for ease of moving it around. It's a classicly-solidly-built amp, weighing 25 kgs. And it's a decent size too... 63 cm/2 foot wide, 49 cm/19.3 inches high, 26 cm/10 inches deep. Tis a beauty.

Ahhh... the joyous wonders of modern technologies...

Here I am, wondering why I couldn't connect to my ISP for like 24 hours... I assumed their server was down or something like that, with those heavy floods in Sydney affecting their network somehow.

Amazingly, it only took 21 minutes waiting on the phone service to actually get through and speak to someone. That was good. the last time (when I was initially setting this thing up) took over an hour, just sitting there on the phone, going slightly beresk listening to the same endlessly-repeating message, "Your call is important to us..."

However... tis all good. I'm back online obviously.

One of the next things I was gonna try, after calling them just to confirm if their network was down or something (Which it wasn't), was to re-install the modem - that's what they suggested also.


I knew it'd be something simple. Thankfully.
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Heavy floods in Sydney? What's going on over there? I am arriving next Tuesday and I demand to have some warm, sunny, dry weather or we will kick you out of the British Empire. So there.

  2. I heard about those flood. Glad to see you weren't affected. Enjoy that amp. Have you ever posted any of your playing online yet?

  3. [laughs at tillerman] It's February in eastern Australia - ANYthing could happen, weather-wise!

    I have not posted any of my/our music online yet, ebcause I haven't i] recorded anything recently of worth or value to share, and ii] the 'band' hasn't recorded itself yet either.

    But we'll get there.

    Mal :)