Thursday, 24 January 2008


I'm still feeling a bit wiped-out [in a tired way] after Tuesday night. Just still feeling really lethargic. Getting there, albeit slowly. Yeah yeah, I know... no sympathy for self-inflicted stuff.

I need to go back to Matt's place and pick up my guitar. I left it there, rather than walk home the four blocks at 3am carrying a guitar case. I thought he would have rung me by now... he's actually moving across the hallway into a flat twice the size of the one he's presently in. He wanted my help to help move and clean his old place up a bit. I should try to ring him... if he hasn't pulled the phone plug out of the wall or something stoopid. heh heh.

If there's no response, I'm gonna spend my arvo trying to record some of my playing onto the laptop and convert it to an mp3 etc etc etc. I've done it before... I just need to keep doing it to get the practice to do it, and make it a more simple process for me.

There's no knobs. I grew up with knobs and sliders and faders! There's none of that recording directly onto the laptop computer... so it still feels really quite 'alien' to me.

Thankfully I can run everything thru this little mixer first! THAT makes more sense for me! heh heh

I love living here. About three or blocks away from my place is a large Carillon Bell tower, slap-bang in the middle of town. I can't quite see it from here, as there's a whopping tree in the way that would otherwise block my view of it. That's a good thing to - the tree, that is.

It's one of those that chimes every fifteen minutes and rings out on the hour. At midday and 1pm everyday, it plays a few tunes for about 15 minutes. It's very pretty. Most of the time I can't hear anything of it when I'm sitting at home. Although, when the wind is still, and I'm laying in my bed with the window open (I sleep with my window open most of the time), the soft tones of the bells will come floating thru the still cool air.

It does actually stop at like 9pm each night... thankfully it doesn't ring all night. The people living downtown would go slightly bonkers if it did that, surely. Being downtown during the day makes for a great rural vibe, with those bells chiming out every fifteen minutes.

It's a beautiful sound. Something I never had growing up as a kid. The soft chiming bells ringing in the days. Reminds me of living in Bathurst. Thankfully.

And no... there's no Quasimodo "The bells! The bells!" gag gonna happen here either... oh snap!
Peas be with ewe

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  1. I understand the lethargy! I'm so darn tired right now. Now go get your guitar!