Wednesday, 23 January 2008


I'm a bundle of contradictions. I know that. Doesn't mean that I actually enjoy being like this. But anyhows...

In the end, I bought myself a Epiphone Triggerman 60DSP 60-watt guitar amplifier. It should arrive late next week.

Let's be honest... a basshead is specifically setup for a bass guitar! Having a semi-acoustic electric guitar requires the warmth of at least some sort of valve-type amp. So yeah, it's perfect for what I need it for. Suits my guitar like hand and glove.

So... sue me!

Our group/band/collection of stray musicians (call it what you will) doesn't really have a name as such yet. One that has been floating around is Redshift... it's the name of the shift Matt works at! But there is another concept to it as well (thanx to Wikipedia).

Just dong a very quick inet search, there is another music group under that name already (looks like they're a DJ/rap combo anyways, totally different to ourselves). However, for us and what we're doing, for want of another name, that'll do for now. I'm sure something more interesting (or whatever!) will turn up, eventually.

I've been using it simply as a personal code to label song and music files on the computer under!

Last night Matt invited me around for a few quiet drinks and watch a DVD. Little did I know it was his 33rd birthday! I had no idea! So, a few quiet drinks ended up quite a lot more than that... [cough]

Our mate Mick who plays with us (when he can... he's been spending his weeks in Sydney for the past few months) dropped around as well.

So we ended up sitting out on the balcony, trading guitar licks for about 2 hours (on a gorgeously-warm-sounding Hoffner Classical nylon-stringed guitar), watching a full moon rising. Rather bohemian, don't you think? Mick plays an assortment of classical and jazz standards when he picks up a classical guitar, so Matt and I were spoilt with a free live performance.

Mick had to leave early, so Matt and I hung around for a few more drinks and a laugh along the way.

I hate to admit it, but at like 11.30 at night (we both had no idea it was so late!!!), we cranked up the two large Marshalls sitting in his front room, and had a long loud blast for about 45 minutes!

We were, I must add, extremely off our chops! We got a drum machine going for us to chug along with, and we traded licks and rhythm, having lots of fun. Hey, it sounded crap, but I haven't had a really loud thrash out play jam with just another guitarist for like 25 years! lol

I blame the tequila! Curse that tequila! hahahahaa (By the way... I don't usually have a "big night out on the turps" very often at all... especially on tequila! Sheesh!)

I've been having a wow of a late December-thru-to mid-January. A great time. Feeling really relaxed. Playing a LOT of music. Had some wow sailing times as well.

But, to be honest, I'm feeling outrageously guilty about it all.

Look, there's a lot going on in my life that, obviously, you just cannot share on a blog. Nor would my readers really want to read about every single detail of my lifes' ins-and-outs, I'm sure of it. But yeah, there's a lot going on for me deep down, that I continue to struggle with. Some of it goes way back, some of it goes back to my seperation/divorce. Some of it involves being a divorced dad. Some of it involves being single. Some of it involves being an emotional shell of the person I once was. Some of it involves not being able to feel free of my past. Some of it is theological/philosophical. Some of it involves not having a sense of a future. "Ahh, the tangled webs we weave for ourselves".

So... yeah. Going out and "Having a good time" is fun, but I feel like I'm avoiding or running away from my ongoing adult responsibilities, in some abstract way.

I'm feeling happy. I'm not depressed or anything like that. I'm just... I'm struggling a bit with who I am, at the moment.

Like I said at the start of the post... I'm a bundle of contradictions!
Peas be with ewe

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  1. ooh Mal - you're going for it in a big way and, as we say in Blighty, 'havin' it large'. Which is good. The music seems to be a saving grace so 'ave eeit' as much as it continues to float your boat baby! Wish I could afford that Epi amp BTW. Freakin' Sweet!

  2. Yeah. Well. Don't forget your adult responsibilities--like . . like . . like, being miserable. Avoid the pendulum swing. take a few (nano)seconds when you're happy to remember what it felt like to be sad and vice versa. Does help stop the roller coaster effect. Gee it sounds like you're having such a bad time or you think perhaps you should be. All those bells, all that music. Shake off dem blues, their clearly trying to leave anyway.

    My first husband had a good idea for a name for a band--The Darling Causeway.


  3. Thanks for your comments, guys.

    Yeah, i'm enjoying my new axe. sounds and plays like a dream in all sorts of different styles :)

    I'm not depressed, just *aware* that there's more to life than having just a good time all the time. not that the other things aren't 'good', just a different focus.

    And I really like "The Darling Causeway" - there's a place kinda near us that's called that! Oooohhh! I'm liking it! Thanks.

    Mal :)

  4. Its the road that runs from Mt Vic to the Bells Line. (you knew that)